Life sometimes smacks you in the face….

I am a worst case scenario kind of person.  A few weeks ago, I sent an email to my Rabbi asking if there was some sort of prayer that he could say at services for us for safe travels.  He wrote me back that there was (I was so surprised, I thought I had made it up!).  So, last night we went to Friday night services for the first time.

Turns out it was a perfect time to be there.  The Rabbi spoke about how we cannot always protect our children from bad things, and no one can guarantee anyone’s safety, but it is good to have a community to shelter us from pain when we are sad.

The Rabbi called us onto the Bimah and even though Aidan was throwing his shoes off into the congregation, punching Sam and yelling “This is so boring!”, he said a prayer for the safety of our family.

And as we sat back down, I thought about my current stress.  And I thought, well, this seems silly because look what happened in Connecticut today.  But then I realized, horrible stuff happens every day all over the world.  And if we live in a way where we discount our fears because other people have it worse, then we are not being true to ourselves.

Bad stuff happens.  And we can pray that our children are safe when they get in a car with someone, or go to the mall or the movies, or get on a plane.  But the reality is that sometimes the worst happens.

And so we must live each and every day to the fullest.  And if you have stress, or your kids annoy you, or your spouse is driving you crazy, it’s ok.  This upcoming upheaval of my structured life is my stress today.  And for that, today, I am grateful.

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One Response to Life sometimes smacks you in the face….

  1. Dear Alison
    I really enjoy your blog, love what you have written and can identify with the feelings! I think I read somewhere no questions, so no questions. It’s a journey, life
    Is a journey and as I have learned this year I think I am in charge when actually I am not. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Btw you are an awesome writer and its comforting to know somebody else refers to law and order when in doubt!

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