The Wheels On The Bus…

If you are boy in Arizona (or in any other state), you play sports. It is not a question of do you play sports, it is which one. Sam has never played sports, nor has he shown any interest. When he was in 3rd grade, I got called into the teacher’s office because he had written up a casting notice for “Pippin” and had cast the class in roles and notified them of the 1st rehearsal at our house. The parents all called me, concerned as to what “Pippin” was (and secretly, some of them wanted to know if their kid got a good part!)

So, Sam has always been different in the eyes of most boys he has gone to school with. But not to the kids he does theater with. They love him, accept him, and celebrate him for who he is.

Inevitably, people always ask me, “So, do you think Sam is gay?” I guess that is the connection most people make with boys and theater. And so early on, Craig and I decided that it is perfectly fine if he is. Recently, a costume designer on a local show told me that he doesn’t think Sam is gay. And I was really disappointed. I had pictured Sam and his partner and me, out on shopping and lunch dates, decorating my home and giving me tips on my hair. The happiest, most wonderful people I know are gay. Lots of people Sam has worked with in theater, my daughter’s cheer leading coach, attorneys at my office, and our amazing nanny that we had for 5 years have all been gay.

But because he’s in middle school this year, and boys really don’t get it, they are now “teasing” Sam by calling him gay. Because that’s the only insult that they can think of in a boy who doesn’t play sports. On the bus, they throw things at him and call him “fag.” But what they don’t realize is that Sam doesn’t care. He doesn’t know who he is yet, he’s only 11, and seems to love both Broadway and Megan Fox, so I don’t think we can make that call yet.

He has asked me to pick him up from school for the remainder of the year so that he doesn’t have to ride the bus anymore. And that’s fine, but it frustrates me because the kids at school still don’t understand that what Sam does is special and amazing. Last night he had over 75 people, mostly from theater, come and say goodbye to him at his going away party. I love theater kids and how accepting they are. And there are boys and girls who love it.

Hopefully, when Sam comes back to AZ, they will figure out that he is cool, even though he doesn’t play sports. And if they don’t, that’s o.k. too. As long as he has people who love him and support him, and accept him for whoever he is, he will be fine.


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5 Responses to The Wheels On The Bus…

  1. Jason says:

    Allyson, tell Sam cool people like me got his back. Those boys are the ones to put all their value in their high school accomplishments, and don’t realize their mistake until they see people like Sam at the top of the world, enjoying all the successes from a lifetime of dedicated and passionate work. How about if I ask those kids if it’s gay to start a lingerie company, in France? Ha! Love you guys. So so so happy for you, and especially Sam. Tell him his fans are watching.

  2. Jeff Metcalfe says:

    Anyone who makes fun of Sam … well, that would be ridiculous. What he’s accomplished at his age is beyond what some of those kids will do in their lives!

  3. Joe D says:

    Sam is a stong and determined guy. He is special and he will prevail from any adversity. Everyone is different and someday hopefully everyone will learn to accept people for who they are. I speak from experience but tell Sam as long as he knows he is loved by the people that truly do love him and his true friends accept him for all his faults and his gifts….that will always prevail. Hard work will pay off for him as it has already has and he will look back someday and be proud that he is who he is and the small minded people really dont matter!

  4. Kelli James says:

    Alyson when I was 15 and left Iowa for my first tour kids were horrible to me too. I don’t think it’s really about being Gay or Straight, it’s that kids don’t like it when someone steps out of the “comfort zone”. Jealousy and Envy can be hateful and some kids AND adults will find any way to try and take that person down.I found my friends outside school and my age group,I didn’t have theatre friends like Sam and I am so thankful that he does!!! He soon will be with fellow artists ands actors of all ages! He will be in a warm,loving and beautiful family that honors him and get’s him. He will always be one of mine and when he comes back I will be here waiting fore the afterglow and all that comes with that as well!! Lots of love from one of Sam’s Theatrical family members!!!

  5. Stacey says:

    Alyson-I’ve been reading your blogs and I am so excited for you and your family-Sam is a bright, funny and well rounded child. He has been since preschool when Jake and him were in class together-We are so proud of you and your family. For your strength and encouragement for your child and your family. For letting your child follow his dreams-He is exactly who he is suppose to be!!! ENJOY!!! xxoo, Stacey

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