The Weight Loss Doctor’s Wife

“You wanna marry a doctor”? This was the call I got from my friend Dana who fixed up Craig and I. Sure! I said. And I did. He was an internist and pediatrician when we got married and the glamour quickly faded. Long hours, late night pages from frantic new parents (seriously, people, read the Tylenol bottle for infant dosing) and huge student loans were the reality.

So, about 6 years later, Craig found a form of medicine he loved which had a better way of life for us and our family. Weight Loss Medicine. And my nightmare began.

When you think about a plastic surgeon, who is the person you wonder about? His wife. Come on, you know you do. She has to have a great body. You think the same thing about the weight loss dr’s wife.

So, I did what any sane woman would do. I got pregnant. And bought myself 4 years of weight loss excuses.

But recently I thought, why not? Why not try his program? So, I finally got out of my denial and busted on into Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. And lost 20 pounds in 3 months. And I’m really happy.

Why not is the theme for me in 2013. I hate to travel. I don’t look at people’s vacation pics in envy. I look at those smiling faces and think about how they will be sleeping on a hotel’s dirty sheets that night and their kids will be off their sleeping schedules.

But here we are, taking a vacation for the last time as a full family for a long time. And I am trying to think about my new motto. I can think of a lot of reasons why not (I hate Mexico, buffets, and being stuck in the middle of the ocean: damn you Titanic movie).

And so far, on our drive to California, I’m ok. I’m endlessly chatting with Craig, quizzing him on celebrity trivia. (Who did Alanis Morissette date that made her so bitter? Uncle Joey from Full House. Who got Penny Marshall pregnant, and he didn’t know until after she aborted it? Art Garfunkel) I know all of celebrity’s kid’s names, first and middle. Craig doesn’t, nor does he seem to care.

And even though he wants to listen to screaming yelling rock songs by bands named Linkin Park and I would prefer Kenny Loggins (my favorite concert I ever saw..and it was last year), I’m ok.

Taking chances is all part of life. I am going to try my why not attitude as long as I can. The Kindle is somewhat better than real books (you can buy new ones from your bed!), DVDs seem to be here to stay (goodbye VHS tapes), and my kids seem very occupied on their mobile electronic devices. (I guess staring out the window is so 1980s).

So, here’s to the end of 2012 for the Primack family. And if I get food poisoning in Mexico, I may change my mind.


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