I’m gonna need stronger drugs for the next flight…

Those were the first words I said to Craig when we landed in NYC today. I hate flying. I hate the uncertainty of it. Why is it bumpy? Why do we seem to be going lower than we were before? Are we landing? Why hasn’t anyone come on and chatted with us recently? The flight attendants seem calm, so that’s good but why do they say the tail winds are strong? Is that good or bad? Ugh, I need better relaxation techniques!

I think the reason I hate to fly is that I have never flown a plane before. I know how a car operates, and what everything means on the dashboard, but what in the world are they doing up there in the cockpit?

That’s how I felt today. Saying goodbye to Craig at the airport with the kids was so sad. Sam looked at me as we were landing and said “what are we doing mom?” And then I was in NYC at our hotel, wondering how to get to the grocery store and how I was going to find the rehearsal studio tomorrow and how to make the sirens and ambulences outside quieter so that my kids can sleep.

And it’s really really cold here. I never appreciated all you people who are raising kids in the cold weather. I was trying to hold Aidan’s hand while he’s wearing giant gloves with no fingers while I’m wearing giant gloves myself. And the hats and the zipping of the jackets and the runny noses and chapped lips. Hats off to you people! I thought sunscreening the kids was rough!

So, tomorrow we start rehearsals and meet the cast. And I am looking for the signs that it’s all good. And right across from my hotel, it says this:


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5 Responses to I’m gonna need stronger drugs for the next flight…

  1. Jeff Metcalfe says:

    We’re thinking about you guys and sending you great thoughts!

  2. You may regret many things in your lifetime, but watching and helping your children’s dreams become their reality, will never be one of them. We are all rooting for you. xo

  3. Kim Coben says:

    Mazel Tov!!!! You made it! You’ll find your way and you’ll be a pro at getting around and finding all of the good spots before you know it! We all “believe” in you, doll! Go get ’em!!! xoxo

  4. Kelli James says:

    Happy first day of school Ally!!! lots of love!

  5. Bobb Cooper says:


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