Do I still tip the cab driver while he’s being arrested?

I think there should be a training class for living in New York. Do you tip the doorman who gets you the cab? Why do all of the streets have numbers (we are on 30th street and 7th avenue). Why can’t any of the streets have names? Is there anything else to eat besides pizza? And yes, if my cab driver stops in the middle of the street because he’s being pulled over, do I still pay him if he doesn’t drop me off at my destination?

And these weren’t even the complicated parts of today. It started with pulling two kids out of bed to accompany their brother for the first rehearsal (they were still on Arizona time). We went to the meet and greet where I dropped off Lauren and Aidan outside of the rehearsal meeting for 2 hours with some markers and paper. They were positioned in front of another rehearsal meeting entitled “Burlesque Bikini Rehearsal” so I knew I would not lose them.

Sam was beside himself with excitement, which was fun to see. The cast and crew seem wonderful and the highlight for Sam came upon meeting Andrew Lippa, who wrote The Addams Family Musical. The highlight for me came when they asked the Pugsley moms to introduce ourselves. I felt like a member of the cast for a moment until I realized I am not in the show.

We also met the tutor who seems great and the idea of school on the road seems amazing. I was also really excited to get the exact schedule of how we get to each new city, ie bus or plane, until I realized that there are some weeks we will be on a bus for about 200-300 miles per day. And then I wondered again how I am going to do all of this when I can’t sit still and don’t enjoy travel.

But then I saw Sam’s excited face when he got out of rehearsal and he said it was awesome and I saw a copy of my husband on the front page of the Arizona Republic newspaper’s healthy living section about weight loss in the new year and I had two thoughts: 1. It will all be ok because Sam loves this and 2. I think I need to stop eating all this New York pizza.



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3 Responses to Do I still tip the cab driver while he’s being arrested?

  1. Robyne says:

    Do u people love this as much as I do!! Let her know so she keeps going!!

  2. Bobb Cooper says:

    🙂 I don’t care for Pizza but I LOVE NY Pizza!

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