It’s Not Easy Being Green

I have never liked not being completely in charge of a situation.  I like to be the one who knows exactly what’s going on.  But life is a learning process and so is this experience.

Sam started school today, which consists of 3 hours a day of instruction in a room in the rehearsal studio in the a.m.  He and Jeremy, the other Pugsley, who is in 5th grade (Sam is in 6th), have one tutor to share.  After morning school, they have lunch and then go to rehearsal in the afternoon until 7 p.m.  Jeremy just completed a 3 month Broadway show so this is not new to him, but Sam is adjusting to being the only one in his grade.  He said it’s tough because he can’t goof off and he has to pay attention.

Being a child actor means double the work of an adult actor: they have 2 jobs: school and the show, and both are equally important.  This is how I feel today: I have 2 jobs.  One as a mom of 3 and the other as the manager of 1.  Both jobs are equally important and I can’t goof off. I have to pay attention.

Sam got to work with Jerry Zaks today, a well known Broadway producer.  And I took my other kids to Times Square.  Aidan was amazed at all of it, but mostly because Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca were all there.  He declared that New York is the best city ever.  The current plan between the 3 kids is that they will all move here when they are older: Sam will work on Broadway, Lauren will go to the Fashion Institute and Aidan will work at the Lego store.

But the most unbelievable part of my day was the fact that my 4 year old said “give me my Itouch.  I gotta take a picture of this and text it to my friends.”  And then I had to tell him he is too young to get an Instagram.

It is amazing to get to share this journey with everyone, at any age.  The response I have gotten from everyone: texts, phone calls, emails about this blog has overwhelmed me beyond words.  Actually, the Muppets said it best “If just one person believes in you, deep enough and strong enough, believes in you, hard enough and long enough, before you knew it, someone else whould think, ‘if he can do it, I can do it’, making it two.  Two whole people who believe in you.  And maybe even you can believe in you too.”

So even though sometimes I feel like Doogie Howser on his typewriter at the end of a long day (or like Carrie Bradshaw on her computer for you young ones), I’m so glad you are all here to share this with me. Thank u.image

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5 Responses to It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. DJ says:

    OMG! That photo is hilarious!!

  2. Jamie Andersen says:

    I’m so obsessed with all this. It’s the highlight of my day, I check all day long to see if there is a new post! Keep them coming. BTW, I was totally leaning to the Carrie Bradshaw comment, not the other guy:)

  3. Bobb Cooper says:

    So so excited for Sam!!!

  4. Kelli James says:

    Ally you might be giving me the inspiration to write my book. I have a publisher but I thought I would need a ghost writer and can’t afford it… You may be giving me the strength to believe in this too! I miss you guys and reading your stories sure makes me want to be there with you!!! Lots of love and keep on giving us the best of you!!! We love it!

  5. Linda says:

    Thank YOU for taking us along on this incredible journey for Sam and your family! We’re cheering you all on!!!! From warm and sunny Arizona! Luv the picture!

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