No More Wire Hangers

Jewish Mothers. The very mention of these creatures cause people to roll their eyes. Everyone knows one. My very own Jewish mother came blazing into town from Phoenix yesterday to help with the kids and, ultimately, to take Lauren and Aidan back home on Tuesday so that they can go back to school and to their lives in AZ.

My mom arrived from the airport with her new friend, the cab driver named Andrew. He has 3 kids and lives with the oldest, a teenage daughter. He feels he got the bad end of the custody deal. This is my mom’s speciality. She likes to know everyone’s stories. Within less than 24 hours, she also found out the hotel housekeeper’s name. It is Margaret. She has now told Margaret exactly what to do and what to clean in here.

Sam went to school today at 10 (yes, even on Saturday); and had 4 hours of rehearsal in the afternoon. The highlight for me was meeting the music director, who is also the music director for Oprah. He does all the music for her shows and was the music director for The Color Purple on Broadway and the subsequent tours of the show. I started to ask him what she is currently reading, how Steadman and Gail are doing, and how her hair and weight are currently are, but I figured I would have to cool it for now, as I don’t want him to think I am like, that into her.

I am so glad my kids came here so they can see where Sam is and what he is doing, as they will not see him again until March (in Lexington, KY). Also it gives them a frame of reference for what I am doing too (although I’ll be home Jan. 18 for a week for our first substitution of guardians).

Tomorrow we meet Carlotta in the city and this has me filled with so many emotions. I hope that the kids love her and feel safe with her. I also hope that she will be their substitute Jewish Mother: loving, kind, completely obsessed with their safety, health and appearance. But I hope they won’t love her as much as they love me.

I’m grateful that my mom is here to help me figure this out. And to organize my clothes and to tell me what restaurants are clean and to yell at the kids to dress warmer. If you either have a Jewish mother or are a Jewish mother, you know what we want. We want our kids to be happy and feel good about themselves, and also to remember that we, their mothers, are the most important people in their lives. Forever.

The cast and crew of The Addams Family have 2 Jewish mothers on the road with them to make sure that they are all feeling good and are proud of themselves for doing a good job. Actually, now that I think about it, you don’t have to be Jewish to understand this. It is any mother’s hope that their kids are content and healthy and safe.

We just seem to hold onto this a little bit longer.


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3 Responses to No More Wire Hangers

  1. Jamie Andersen says:

    I love it that you are already on top of the other Jewish mothers. That’s my girl!

  2. Shelley MacDonald says:

    We do tend to hang on, don’t we?!? Then they turn around 18 and gently (or not so gently) begin to remove our grip from them. Little do they know, we will NEVER let go. 🙂

  3. Kim coben says:

    Awesome! Again! PERFECT description! One a publisher would LOVE! Why don’t you call a publishing house? Or, just drop by…with a small honey cake… after all, why WOULDN’T they love you and your blog?!?!? 😉 You’re right…we’ll never stop! Love this…made me tear up…again! 🙂

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