Hat Trick

I have had a huge weight on my shoulders since the call came saying “Sam got the part.” Wondering how we would pull this off, and most importantly, who would be there for the kids. Craig’s brother ‘s family in Chicago has been using an au pair service for the past 3 years since my sister in law went back to work. We have met two of their au pairs from Sweden, and they seemed wonderful, but I never thought I would have the need for one.

And I was still in denial when we applied for one. And up until today, I figured I could still find another way to work this out. I have never been good at relying on help for my kids. I didn’t use a night nurse, or a nanny, or anything for the most part until I went back to work. This is not me bragging. This is me admitting that I am crazy. And a control freak. I know.

The day started with the best news ever for my mom. The hockey lockout had ended. Do we have any connection to the hockey world? Does anyone in my family work for the NHL? No. But my parents have been obsessed with hockey since we moved to Arizona. My mom especially has decided she is their #1 fan. Our very good friend and neighbor is a former NHL player, and is now a NHL scout. He knows that when my parents are around that he must be prepared to discuss all things hockey. And when my mom found out that Lauren does cheer with the daughter of Shane Doane, she found his wife at a cheerleading picnic and told her that the lockout needs to end now. Because she has season tickets.

So my mom was ecstatic. When I told her, it was on par with when I told her I was engaged. She jumped around and screamed. I was worried hotel security would arrive.

And then we went to meet Carlotta. And it was amazing. She was warm and friendly. She came with presents for all of us. They could not have been more perfect if I had picked them out myself. Sam got musical instruments and travel games, Lauren got a perfect bracelet, and Aidan got legos. She even bought a present for my mom: Austrian chocolate (and she ate it!) And for me, a Sound of Music calendar. She also showed me all of her own charts and diagrams of each week she is with us, with notes like Lauren does homework from 7 to 8 p.m. The excitement I got from seeing these schedules was on a level that I cannot describe, except to say that it was a Type A dream come true. And she’s an Aquarius, like me.

We went to FAO Schwartz together and she insisted on holding my bag. And at first, I said no, like I always do. Then she wanted to take Aidan around the store. And I said I had it. And she looked at me saying, you need to let me help you. And I know I do.

By the end of our day together, we were crying and hugging. Lauren looked at me tonight and said “I feel safe with her mom. I just do.” And so, for tonight, I can finally lift that weight off my shoulder. I know it will still be there, and I know it will all be challenging. But, today, I feel like I scored a goal.


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5 Responses to Hat Trick

  1. I’m so glad Allyson! Such a weight off your shoulders. She looks adorable (of course she does)!

  2. Jamie Andersen says:

    So glad it is all working out. Love me a bit of Carlotta, looks like my kinda girl….for six months:)

  3. amy drapeau says:

    Have you always been such a good writer?!! The things I discover when I venture onto facebook! She sounds – and looks – lovely. Lauren knows.
    Love to you!

  4. Bobb Cooper says:

    A huge sigh of relief for sure!

  5. Joanne lewandowski says:

    Just so you know…..I got goosebumps and cried tears of happiness for you after I read this post. You are an amazing mom and care so much for your kids. They will be fine and we are all here in Arizona to make sure of it. Relax, enjoy and keep posting. I agree with previous comment, you are an amazing writer!

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