Parental Guidance

Last night we saw a movie in the city, which is equivalent to putting a hamster in one of those mazes. It was 4 flights up an escalator to get to our show and there were 35 theaters. When I left to get the kids concessions, I got lost and ended up in a church. And then I somehow ended up at Dave and Busters. And then at an Applebees. After I figured out how to get back to theater #11, and spent 180$ on popcorn, I found my family. I missed half the movie.

The movie was Parental Guidance, which was sappy and silly, but it was eerily similar to my life. A mom of 3 had to leave her kids to go out of town and she left her kids with her parents. And she panicked and never left. Until she realized she really really needed to. And then she freaked out and came home. Sounds like a good plan to me.

Mostly it was about finding your way: as a parent, with your career, as a spouse, etc. I’m still finding my way around this town. When I cross the street I feel like I’m in Frogger, hoping I don’t get hit. I am exhausted from the pace, not rude enough to people on the street, and not good at bargaining when I buy I Love NY shirts.

Sam had school and rehearsal today. He is getting used to the long schedule, although today he asked the tutor if there will be electives, like PE and band. She said no, only the main subjects, although life in a show includes art and music in a very educational and unique way.

Tomorrow I will watch my mom take the kids across the country. She is so nervous that she is not checking any of their luggage. I have to ship it. Because she doesn’t want any more responsibility.

And I get it. Flying with kids is not easy at any age. And then Carlotta will arrive later in the day and she is going to have to learn the ropes over in my ‘hood (mostly she said she’s nervous because she heard Mike Tyson lives near me. Which I wasn’t aware of)

Learning the ropes, finding your way, is challenging. And watching your kids hug and cry knowing it will be 2 months til they see each other again is hard too.

Life is challenging. But when it stops being a learning experience, we stop growing. We just need a little guidance so we don’t get lost on our way back to our seats.


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