One is Silver and the Other’s Gold

You know those friends that knew you when you were young? The ones that remember what you looked like before, during and after braces? The ones that know all of your embarrassing stories and seems to never forget them? Ever?

Well, you are lucky if you have even one of those in your life. And I am extremely lucky to have several of those all over the country. And I even have some who moved to AZ who I grew up with in Michigan. When you graduate college and go your separate ways, you just never know when or how you will see them again. Thanks to the amazing technology we have now, it is so much easier.

My friend Lori moved to NYC after college and so the times I have gotten to see her have been fewer than we would like. Today she came into the city from Long Island and we spent a great day together. The first thing she wanted to do was to see Sam and meet the cast. And she told the actor playing Gomez all about how we both tried to do plays growing up, but we ended up as the off stage Voices of the Drive In Movie in Grease. And she has lots more of these lovely stories to share. About the 3rd grade talent show where I pretended to tap dance and had no idea what I was doing, and my long, curly hair in 5th grade that she was jealous of, and the Esprit shirt I wore in middle school. And the time I fell in the camp relay race and she kept running so she could win.

Going on this tour, Sam will only have one child to hang out with and to create childhood memories with for the next 6 months. And that makes me sad because these early friendships are so important.

But then today I took both boys out for their lunch break and listened to them chat. They both know the exact same obscure theater facts. And they can discuss terms like “stumble through” and “dry run” and know what the other one is talking about. Jeremy’s favorite Hanukkah present was a Broadway Monopoly game. When the tutor said she was going to buy the boys some sports balls to play with during bus stop breaks, both Jeremy’s mom and I looked at her and said “Don’t bother, he hates sports” at the exact same time. She’s going to bring the Monopoly game instead.

So maybe they will create funny memories together. And hopefully when they are 40 they can meet up and have lunch and talk about things that only the other one remembers.

Friends are important no matter what your age. I love the friends I’ve made in Arizona. My friends there remember things about me when I first got married, and first became a mom. They will know my kids throughout their lives. My kids can call them by their first names like my friends did with my parents growing up. I have a friend in AZ who remembers when Sam was 2 and I used to tell him that McDonalds was closed on the weekends so I didn’t have to go there. And I have friends that remember Lauren as a 3 year old, who would sit at a ladies lunch and eat blueberries, and listen to all the gossip with her eyes wide open. And I have friends who were there when Aidan was first born and saw that stubborn look in his eyes from his first day of life that has never left. And even some new friends I met this year who texted me today to say that my kids looked fine and happy at school.

I am lucky for the friends that knew me then, for the ones that know me now, and the ones I have still yet to meet. And so Lori, who decided in college that her professional actress name would be Loree Michelle but who I call Lottie because of a relative at her bat mitzvah, this one’s for you.


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3 Responses to One is Silver and the Other’s Gold

  1. Lenny says:

    MISS U GUYS xoxoxoxoxo Lenny
    pS that was my Esprit shirt

  2. Love it! So true. And I still remember my friend’s phone numbers from junior high.

    I now have the Brownies song stuck in my head!!!

  3. Linda Pauley says:

    A circle is round, it has no end. That’s how long, I want to be your friend.
    Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!

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