I Miss Margaret

When you do a traveling show that rehearses in New York, you have to provide your own housing during rehearsals. Once the show hits the road, the show provides you with all your housing in each city.
Since Jan.1, we have been residing in a very spacious, 900 sq. ft., 2 bedroom hotel suite with a full kitchen and living room with another bed. Lots of hotels here have extended stay rates for long term guests. Since there were 5 of us here originally, this made sense. But now that it’s just Sam and I, we needed to move to a smaller room in the same hotel. The large room for 2 weeks was pricey, even at our rates.
So now, Sam and I are in a typical hotel room. There is no escape. We are trapped, in one room. And, we are on a less fancy floor. Which means we get the cleaning crew that doesn’t really clean. I found a candy wrapper that wasn’t mine near the bed, breakfast dishes that went uncleaned, and the glasses in the bathroom taste like soapy water that never got rinsed out.
It’s only for a week, and I actually leave Friday to switch guardians for a week, but we were spoiled.
The show is completely choreographed and staged. They have all been fitted in their costumes. Technical rehearsals begin next week in New Haven, CT, where they will remain until it opens Feb. 6 in Rochester, NY.
Carlotta is a dream come true. She has cleaned and organized every closet in my house. Lauren is now speaking German. They cooked Craig a cake, from scratch, for his bday. My kids were stunned that one can cook something that does not come out of a box. My wonderful friend Julie took Carlotta out to lunch today and could not find anything wrong with her. She’s smart and sweet and made Lauren try celery and makes toys for them out of cardboard boxes because she doesn’t like to watch TV. She speaks 5 languages and has an interview with Princeton for college and wants to major in something like international economics.
And yet, I’m homesick and tired of NYC. It’s loud and busy and I’m exhausted every day by 7 pm just from the noise. I miss my home and family.
Mostly, today, I miss Margaret, my housekeeper from the glorious room 2505. It’s not the same without you here on the 17th floor. You would never have left our bathroom this way. Ever.


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4 Responses to I Miss Margaret

  1. Jamie Andersen says:

    Well now you are making me feel bad. Someone else beat me to Carlotta. just kidding, so glad shes working out. she said today the kids were so easy and good. Excited you are coming home. If you have time, lets do another girls night:)

  2. OK, Ick!!! I’m so impressed that you haven’t called the cavalry (hotel management) in on this one.
    Love your blog! We need to get together in the short time you’re home…

  3. mzmac11 says:

    New Haven sounds so…I dunno…Bing Crosby and Bob Hope! Which means, for me — fabulous and steeped in show biz history. Bravo for the history you’re making for yourselves. You are missed.

  4. George Boutell says:

    It’s too bad, but it’s true. When you leave the State of Arizona, you are camping out. Enjoy some time at home!! 🙂

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