Last week I got an email from The Katie Couric show that they added a new, top secret taping this coming week and since I applied for a ticket (I must have applied for a lot of shows one night because I didn’t remember this one!), was I available Wednesday the 16th for a 3pm taping? Being that I haven’t got much to do these days in the afternoons, I said yes. They then sent us a specific requirement for what we, the audience were to wear (very very bright colors), and that the show would be a one on one with Charlie Sheen.

So, this week, I went on a bright colored clothing mission. I saddled up and went to the brightest middle aged woman clothing store I could think of: Ann Taylor Loft. That store really has some bright colors. So, I purchased a bright blue dress, bright blue sweater, bright blue earrings, and a multi-bright colored scarf, and then headed to Macy’s to get some bright blue colored shoes to match.

Today I put on my brightly colored outfit and headed to the studio. I was so bright, that even in the dark skies and drizzly rain, I got a cab right away. When you check in to the Katie Show, someone right away rates your outfit and then you find out where you are sitting. Well, my flourescent outfit worked, because I was put in 2nd row center. The taping was very interesting, but mostly sad. Charlie still seems like a wreck, he’s just hiding it pretty well. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that he explained his previous strange behavior by saying he was taking too much testosterone cream, yelled for his assistants on every commercial break, left in the middle of a segment to “go to the bathroom” but it was really a 20 minute smoke break, and he bragged about his new girlfriend, who just got retired from doing “girl on girl.” Katie seemed stunned and confused by many of his answers. She later told us he smelled like smoke.

What it seems like to me is that there are a lot of people covering for him right now. He said Denise Richards is currently raising her own kids and Charlie’s twin 3 year old boys from his last marriage because his ex wife is in rehab. He said he has a circle of friends around him who have “got his back.”

Lots of people out there have no clue what they are doing out here in this world. The best thing that our friends and family can do for us is to make sure we have all the support that we need, and to make sure we are healthy, both mentally and physically.

While Charlie seems to have his really amazing sides: he is incredibly charitable and has helped many people (including paying for the funeral of the photographer who got killed trying to photograph Justin Bieber and paying Lindsey Lohan’s back taxes), he seems to need some mental help. No one is doing him any favors by patting him on the back and telling him he’s doing a great job.

I have figured out New York the best I can. I don’t take cabs unless I need to: they are expensive and make me car sick (I took a Dramamine before I took a cab to the show); I know which restaurants are good and healthy, and I have figured out how to get better housekeeping. But, I still worry about my kids in AZ, especially Aidan who just realized that while I am coming home on Friday, Sam is not. He looked crushed when he figured out it would be a long time til he saw his big brother again. And Sam cries a lot after he hangs up the face time each night. He is so incredibly close with his brother and sister, and this separation is killing him.

I am taking this all one week at a time, and figuring it out as I go. The best that anyone can offer me is to make sure that although I look fine on the outside, I am ok on the inside. Because this is tough.

At the end of the show, Katie chatted one on one for a bit with the audience. She spotted me, and told me she loved my dress and would I please stand up. She had me stand up, twirl around, and tell everyone where I got my outfit. We chatted about her incredible figure and what workouts work best for her. We had a laugh about her requested bright color schemes, and how I only packed dark colored clothes to come to New York. She thanked me for my extra effort in dressing up today in such bright colors. (and so, Craig, the purchases were worth it!!)

Sam and I had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity tonight, and he thanked me for the millionth time for doing this for him. He understands all that we have given up to do this for him, and is incredibly appreciative. I do not feel like he is taking any of it for granted.

Tomorrow is my last day here, and I leave Friday knowing that he is ok on the outside and inside. He is in his element, and although he misses home, he is happy with his decision to take this journey.
And today, with the comments from Katie and Sam, I am too.


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3 Responses to Winning

  1. DJ says:

    Ally, that’s so wonderful that your kids are so close.

  2. Lenny says:

    I love that you are seeing all the talk shows and all the New York has to offer!

  3. Lenny says:

    I meant all THAT New York has to offer 🙂

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