Do You Hear The People Sing?

Recently, a kid at Sam’s school told him that if there ever is a stage version of that movie Les Miserables, he would make a great Gavroche.

While people might be horrified at the child’s ignorance about live theatre, I think it’s fantastic. The fact that live stage shows become movie musicals are wonderful, because they introduce many new people to the world of theatre.

Everyone should be able, upon questioning, to name their favorite musical (mine is Blood Brothers). However, there are tons of people that have yet to set foot in a theatre.

I finally saw the movie Les Mis today, and cried my eyes out for almost 3 hours. I thought it was an excellent tribute to one of my favorite shows. It brought up so many feelings for me: the excitement I felt when I saw it for the first time in London after law school, the joy in sharing it with Sam when it came to AZ with a touring show, and the sadness when I realized the last time I saw it on stage was with a Les Mis loving friend who has recently died.

Live theatre can bring up so many emotions in people. Tonight Sam and I saw Forbidden Broadway, a hilarious show making fun of today’s broadway shows. Sam had seen every show being mocked and had to explain many references to me (see, mom, she is pretending to be Patti Lupone. She doesn’t like flash photography because when she was in Gypsy someone took a picture of her and she stopped the show). How does he know all this random stuff? The show made me so happy and took my worries away.

I love how a show can make you remember people you love, or an emotion you once felt, or the person you once were. The best part of live theatre is that most shows leave you feeling on top of the world when you leave the theatre and step back into the real world.

Sam did a designer run of the show today with Andrew Lippa watching (ok so google him and find out who he is if you don’t know). A designer run includes all of the creative folks involved in the show taking notes on all of the staging, props, choreography, etc.

Through Sam’s experience and this blog, I hope to teach more and more people about the fabulous world of live theatre: the music, the stories , the passion. I hope that every child will see a live show at least once or twice. I hope those kids will go on and become season members as adults. I hope that this will make theatre as exciting among boys as it is for girls. I hope it will become acceptable to all.

Will you join in our crusade ?


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