On a breezy November day this past year in AZ, I went to get my nails done. It was about 11 am on a Tuesday, and there were two other women inside getting pedicures. I looked over at the women, and decided I knew one of them.

She had a baseball hat and a nice workout outfit on, and I decided she was a mom from my kids school. Or I knew her from an after school activity one of my kids must have done with her kids.

About 15 min later, an older woman came storming in and was in serious need of advice on which color to choose for her nails. I shared my thoughts as did everyone else in there. But the lady in the baseball hat did not. She kept looking up, about to offer her opinion, and then chose not to speak. Finally, after about 10 minutes of this elderly woman’s irritating nail color indecision, the lady in the baseball hat spoke up with her thoughts. “I think you should choose red. It just looks better with your skin tone.” And suddenly, I, and everyone else in that salon realized who she was. It was her unmistakable voice. It was Sarah Palin.

Suddenly she was mobbed by all the nail techs and anyone else in there for her thoughts on everything. I said nothing but sat under the magical blue light nail drying machine, and felt torn for her. She was trying so hard not to be noticed, but then was so gracious when she was.

Now that I’m home in AZ this week, I am trying so hard to blend back into my kids lives. Play dates, carpools, fun activities (especially getting to watch Aidan put on protective glasses to do a mosaic project out of cut glass): it has been great to be here. But there’s a new twist. Everywhere we go, someone stops me to ask about Sam. This now includes people I don’t know but who have heard about it through friends.

I am so happy to talk about all of it (hello, I have a blog about it!), but it’s an interesting dilemma. I’m trying so hard to answer everyone’s questions, but to not constantly discuss it in front of Lauren and Aidan. Lauren had a private cheer lesson today, and all of the staff and students asked her tons of questions about Sam. This happens, she says, all the time at school too.

I get it though. What Sam is doing is amazing and unique. Today he went to New Haven to start technical rehearsals at the Shubert Theatre. The Shubert is famous for launching the world premieres of so many incredible shows: from Sound of Music 70 years ago to Oklahoma. The Addams Family cast did sound checks and Bobb sent me pictures of the incredible set being constructed. I even got a video of Sam doing his sound check onstage, which was incredible to see.

My heart is torn. So happy to be here, sad I’m not there. So excited to share everything about Sam with others, but trying to make my kids feel like they are just as exciting and just as special as their brother. I love getting to see family and friends, but feel frustrated that there is not enough time to see everyone and do everything I want to.

So even though I had several questions to ask Ms Palin that day, I’m glad I let her be. Sometimes you just wanna focus on your nails. Even if you also just as passionately want to talk about how you can see Russia from your house.


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