Pulled in a New Direction

In The Addams Family Musical, Wednesday’s favorite game with her brother Pugsley is to put him up on a torture wheel and pull all 4 of his limbs in different directions while he screams. In the musical, Wednesday is falling in love with a boy named Lucas from a “normal family” and she is feeling pulled in a new direction, away from what she’s always known: her home and her family. While she sings “I’m being pulled in a new direction, I think I like it”, she pulls down on the torture device and Pugsley screams out in pain….and then screams “do it again, do it again!” (See below video for a clip of this scene from a recent dress rehearsal).

Some people thrive on the new, the scary the exciting. Oftentimes, the new situations we find ourselves in pull us in a new direction we didn’t see coming. I never would have anticipated a life in which I wasn’t always with all my kids all the time. I have always been fortunate to have a part time job that allows me to be at most of their school and after school events. But, with this tour, I am being pulled all over the place…. and I don’t think I really like it.

This weekend we drove to Palm Springs, CA to attend Lauren’s national cheer competition after I left Sam in New Haven with my mother in law Judi. I’ve never been to any sort of out of state competition of any kind, and I gotta say, it was really fun. Our whole hotel was occupied by our team, Desert Storm Elite Cheer, and their families. Our girls squad were up against 11 other teams of the same level. It is so much fun and exciting to see them perform and compete. I was so happy to be there with the moms and daughters to experience the fun of this weekend. I had forgotten how much fun it is to be a young girl at her age, just so excited to be in the same hotel as all your friends. I’m pretty sure they had more fun at the hotel hanging in each other’s rooms than at the competition. (Even though the glitter, makeup, screaming and poofy hair, along with incredibly adorable, perfect bodies of teenage girls running around in short skirts and half tops who have not yet had the joy of childbirth, did eventually drive me nuts!)

Meanwhile, across the country, Sam did his premiere shows of the Addams Family to two almost sold out houses at the Shubert Theatre. My mother in law called both Craig and I in tears as to how proud she was of him. My heart is pulled in a million directions.

I’m sad I’m wasn’t there, but glad to be where I was too. I’m glad Judi got to witness firsthard the magic of this show, and I’m jealous that I missed these shows on opening weekend. I love that I got to see my daughter in her first national competition.

I’m super excited, though, that I got to be on the road with Aidan this weekend to CA as he projectile vomited all over Craig and I in the car following a quick warning of “my tummy hurts.” Good thing that whatever middle of the road CA town we pulled into had a grocery store so we could scrub that car down. A mere one hour of washing the puke out of our hair, clothes and car, and we were back on the road! (Picture below shows how much fun that was)

I have no idea what time zone I’m on, in fact, I have been in a different time zone every day for the last 5 days (and I head to Rochester, NY tomorrow a.m). I kept using my expired New York hotel key on my hotel rooms in both Connecticut and CA. I’m exhausted and can’t remember anyone’s names, but I’m doing it. Being there for my kids as best as I can. I spent the weekend in CA with moms who were missing things all over the place that their other kids were involved in this weekend back in AZ. When you have multiple kids in multiple activities, you need multiple versions of yourself to be there for all of them. If you choose one kid’s activity, you are going to miss the other one’s activity and the guilt never ends.

But, we keep trucking on, trying to be there whenever, however, as much as we can for all our kids. Sometimes its via phone, sometimes it’s sending a note saying I’m proud of you, and sometimes it’s flying across the country to be there to see your daughter’s face as she beams with pride in a flawless cheer routine.

At the end of the day, as long as I can get into bed and think that I really really tried to be there for all of them in some way (even if it was buying Aidan a lego or two so that he could sit quietly in the hotel lobby so that the cheer moms could enjoy happy hour), then I’ll be happy. Because unless someone creates a giant wheel that they can put me on and spin me so that I’m there for each event, party, birthday, compeition, show,school party, for 3 different children, I’m going to have to give myself a break and remember that I’m doing the best I can. And that’s the best that I got.



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3 Responses to Pulled in a New Direction

  1. Sue stegemoller says:


  2. Jamie Andersen says:

    I love that clip of Sam, you must be so proud! I’m learning a lot from you. I know I will b in it shoes soon enough:)

  3. karen says:

    love it Ally – so wish i could fly across the country and see Sam!!! I’m glad you got to experience a cheer competition – did you get the hair and make-up right! 🙂

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