Almost Famous

Ever since I was young, I always related everything in my life to a scene from a movie I had seen. Camp reminded me of scenes from Meatballs, I would always quote Animal House at college parties, and I would refer to friends as my “When Harry Met Sally” guy friend; or describe girls who were not nice as The Heathers. John Hughes movies helped me understand things like feeling invisible when I turned 16, social hierarchy in high school, and we all would secretly mutter “Bueller, Bueller?” when anyone was absent from school.

Today I took my first official bus ride with the cast from Rochester to Utica. It was a 2 hour ride, and I was so excited. I told everyone onboard that it reminded me of the scene from Almost Famous when they sing Tiny Dancer. I even went so far as to go up to one of the actors, apologized in advance, and then put my hands on his face and say “you are home” , like Kate Hudson says to the boy on the tour bus when he says he should go home. I just totally had to do that.

Being on tour is an amazing adventure for these actors. They get to see the country, the good parts and the bad (sorry, Utica, you are not the most beautiful town I’ve ever seen). I never wanted to do a bus-type western trip as a teenager because I didn’t think I could sit still that long. But now I can really appreciate it for what it is, and I am loving the feeling of pulling up to new towns every few days.

Sam and Jeremy do school on the bus on travel days; and other days school is at the theatre or at the hotel. They are learning so much about real life, while getting in the basic subjects too. The Utica hotel has an indoor pool, which will be our PE for the next few days.

I’m noticing that as we go to into each new town, we are quite famous. In New Haven, the owner of the boutique I shopped at started jumping up and down when I told her Sam was Pugsley and she got his autograph. The Rochester Radisson waitresses were so excited when the cast came in to eat and we got priority seating at the BBQ joints around downtown.

It is also so much fun all being in the same hotel, and we are usually all on the same floor. I feel like I’m in the dorms or the sorority house again, except that this time I’m like the house mom. But I wish that I could be their age again. They are having the best time, going out to the bars after each show. Mostly, I’m so tired every day, I just want to get in my jammies at 900 and watch HBO to go on my IPad (addicted to Girls) ! One night I’ll go out with them and see how long I last….

In the movie Waitress, one of the characters says “I’m having me a little adventure.” This is how I feel. It’s cool to finally not picture my life as a scene from a movie. I’ve never seen a movie about a 41 year old Jewish mom of 3 touring the country with a Broadway show. So right now the story is unfolding and I’m the main character in my own mind. Now if only I could get someone good to play me in the movie…





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6 Responses to Almost Famous

  1. Bobb Cooper says:

    Nothing like that bus ride! I miss you all!

  2. DJ says:

    Ally – excellent post as always. Keep up the great writing, we love it!!!

  3. Ronna Glick says:

    Yes!!! So happy to hear! xo

  4. susanpansing says:

    Stories I only tell my friends, Have you read Rob Lowes book yet? Its a lot of fun…
    Just like your blogs.

  5. Karen says:

    What cool departure from regular mom-Dom!

  6. Kelli James says:

    Ally now you know what I miss everyday of my life after touring for 20 years! The cities, the audiences and of coarse my theatrical family that I can’t seem to find here in Phoenix! PS I could play you in the movie! xoxo

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