Games People Play

A friend recently asked me how Sam is ever going to be able to return to the real world once this tour is over. And that is a very good question. Not that life on tour is a constant party, but it’s pretty amazing. And for an 11 year old boy, it’s fantastic.

I have always been an observer. I love watching people who have a special connection interact with each other. I went to overnight camp in Michigan for 10 years and that was always so much fun for me to observe. The inside jokes, songs, and games had been going on for 20 years and every camper and staff member were always a part of it. That was why I liked being part of a sorority too. Since Sam started theater, I have noticed that cast members always bond each show in this unique way as well.

Being on tour, though, is a whole new level of bonding. There are games that the cast plays each time we get on a bus (since I’m new to this whole thing, I don’t know if I’m allowed to describe them), but they are so fun to watch. They meet up at different times of the day and play improv games and card games at the hotel. There are practical jokes and birthday parties. They spent the day yesterday making a video for The Ellen show (see below) that they had the best time writing and filming. They also have quite an interesting lifestyle: get up in the late morning/early afternoon, exercise, hang out, do a show, and then go out every night til late (Although these hours did not used to be late for me when I was in my 20s, if I’m not in bed by now by 9:30 every night, it throws me off for days.)

The boys have school every morning, and they are not yet allowed to do tequila shots at the hotel bar, so they usually go to bed “early”, at like 11 p.m And us parents are usually so exhausted we go to bed when they do.

But the boys do have lots of fun. The producers and theater communities throw cool parties in each town, and they get to hang out after school at the pool or at the local fun spots. Also, there is a Pugsley book club that everyone is part of (this month’s book is Holes) and they get to go to Sunday School (or, as the kids call it, Jewish School) with Jeremy’s mom. (last month we combined book club and Jewish school in the same day. Not that Because of Winn Dixie is a Jewish book, but just go with it. We are on the road.)

And I get to play my own games here on the road. My favorite games include: Where is my hotel key? (a road game version of the game I play at home called where are my car keys or where is my phone?); What time zone am I in? (also fun: what time zones are my friends and family in and is it too late/early to call?); Where is the Do Not Disturb sign (we always lose it, resulting in housekeeping banging on the door early every day); What channel is my show on in this state?; and, my favorite game that you can play anywhere: What should I feel guilty about today?

Also, I am having a good time learning all about technology (I just started a twitter account, but totally don’t understand what hashtags are); and I skyped last night with my dog (see below picture). I feel like my parents must have felt when the answering machine came out or when computers were invented. I totally don’t understand it and have to have my kids explain how it works to me, but I’m also trying to be totally cool and pretend like I understood it all along. 4 year old Aidan got his own Kindle Fire yesterday and was too busy to talk to me because he was downloading apps and explaining how they work to Craig.

Everyone is having a good time. And sometimes I feel sad that I’m not included in all the cast fun. But I get it that I’m on a completely different schedule and can only really drink 2 glasses of wine before I start getting wasted. I would be done hanging in about 20 minutes. And then I’d worry that it was 2 a.m. and I wouldn’t get my beauty sleep. And that my wrinkles would be worse the next day because of the drinking. And that I could never get rid of all the calories I drank b/c they would stick to my thighs for years.

Yesterday Sam went go-karting with one of the wonderful cast members named Brian, who is 23. And I’m glad he took him and that I didn’t go. Because my butt probably couldn’t fit in one of those carts. And I get nauseous going around and around. So I got a massage instead and tried to figure out how old the male masseuse thought I was and also tried to figure out if I could also squeeze in a manicure and if I possibly had time to do a little shopping. And those are my favorite games to play these days.






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  1. Sue stegemoller says:

    Made me smile. Miss you!

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