Beam Me Up, Scotty!

This past week the show moved to Lexington, KY. An adorable town, it had an incredible theatre community. There was an Addams Family themed opening night buffet for the audience and they treated the cast and crew to an Addams Family themed dinner for the closing show.

Lexington was also host to many, many diverse conventions. In our hotel alone, there was a bluegrass convention, a dance competition and soccer tournament. The hotel next to us hosted a gun and knife show and, most exciting, there was Comicon.

When I say exciting, I do not necessarily mean to me. However, the people who came out for the weekend were the most enthusiastic fans of anything I’ve ever seen. Grown men and women were strolling around dressed as Thor and Wonder Woman were enjoying conversations with Stormtroopers and Power Rangers and no one batted an eye.

Our whole family came this weekend to KY and while Craig did his first shifts as Sam’s guardian during the shows, Rebecca and I decided to take my 2 kids and Jeremy to see a horse farm. ‘Cause ya gotta see horses in Kentucky. Us two Jewish moms got lost on the way on a long winding road in rural KY and Aidan threw up all over the car. Jeremy was so grossed out that he threw up. And Lauren got upset and bolted out of the car and ran into traffic. So, we saw no barn. We did, however, see horses on the side of the road while cleaning up the puke. So, we can now say we saw horses in Kentucky.

There is a lot of competition between the Pugsley boys as to who had more fun on their day off or who had the most energetic audience in that city. Also there is jealousy between my 3 kids as to who Sam likes better or whether or not Sam feels left out of our family dynamic (they don’t love me anymore). So, it is just so much fun when my kids come to town and I get to hear 5 different forms of jealousy at the same time. I am really excited to do this again soon.

Also this week, the original Cousin It from the Addams Family tv show were in town along with the original Lurch from the movies. Aidan didn’t care about either of them until he realized Cousin It was also an Ewok in several Star Wars movies.

They came to see our show and then they gave a talk back to the audience along with the cast. It was fascinating but my favorite question came from an audience member who asked if the actors in our show felt more pressure to perform well with these actors in the audience.

Jesse Sharp, our Gomez, had a great answer which was that it is an honor to play a role that has always been so loved. Even though they didn’t originate the characters, they all feel so proud when the theme music starts and everyone snaps and cheers when these characters emerge onstage.

Billy Dee Williams and Margot Kidder were at the convention and it is amazing to see how they are still so adored by fans. Even 4 year old Aidan shouted “there’s Lando!!!”

So, even though I’m not a Trekkie, I appreciate the camaraderie of the people who are. At least they have somewhere to be where they feel they belong. And even though I hate the competition between our Pugsleys, I love that they both love to be at the theatre with their people. And even though the banjo playing people were strumming everywhere together around town, I’m glad they feel safe to do it around each other with no judgment from anyone. (Except for my husband who found them annoying.)

And to all the people who originate iconic roles, we say thank you for allowing the next generations to enjoy what you have created, even if you are no longer able to do it yourself. You have provided us with countless years of entertainment, and you should be proud. And may you live long and prosper.








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One Response to Beam Me Up, Scotty!

  1. marcy says:

    Allyson, your road trip might have been a challenge for you, but you certainly made it very
    entertaining for your readers. I loved your description of all the characters you met in Kentucky…you are taking me along on your journey and I’m having a great time!!!!!
    Enjoy your little interlude back home and looking forward to yours and Sam’s next
    adventure.. xoxoxMarcy

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