My Stuff

My favorite George Carlin comedy set was the one he did about “your stuff.” He talks about how when you go on vacation, you pack some of your stuff, then you leave your other stuff at home. Them you go on an overnight trip during your vacation and you take a smaller bag of your stuff that you took on your trip. And you leave your bigger bag of vacation stuff at the hotel. And then we spend our vacations buying more stuff. So, basically, we leave stuff everywhere and never think twice about it, and constantly accumulate more.

I came home to AZ for a few days this week while Sam is with my brother in law Steve and sister in law Candace in Philly. I’m home to go to dr appts and meet with teachers and go through mail. But mostly I’m home to go through my stuff.

A common tour question I get is how do you pack for so many climates? And how do you do it in only 2 bags each. And the answer is, I don’t know. This coming week we go to Syracuse, Omaha, and end up in South Dakota. Then after a week of one nighters in the Midwest with Craig, he heads to Florida for 2 weeks with my in laws, 3 more days in FL with me, and then we go to Flint, MI and West Virginia for the weekend.

So I am spending my days at home trying to rearrange Sams clothes, my clothes, and get rid of clothes we don’t need or should never have packed (ie giant cozy slippers by Brookstone that took up half a suitcase). I also did not need a robe (does anyone actually wear one daily?), a travel Snuggie, and a skimpy, low cut bathing suit (really, haven’t these poor cast members been through enough? My mom appropriate one piece bathing suit is just fine.)

While home this week I went to Target in an attempt to accumulate more stuff to replace the stuff I was getting rid of. Also I’m addicted to the travel size section there and love to see what they have shrunk down this week (travel size Tide stain stick? Sign me up! Travel bandaids and neosporin in a travel case! That is fantastic!) Aidan was so excited by this shopping experience he fell asleep sitting up in the cart. As he fell deeper into sleep, he kept hitting his head on the cart (don’t worry. I cushioned the blows with new bathing suits for Sam.) Parenting moment of the year for me.

My home is clean and organized and Carlotta makes us dinner every night even though I told her she’s off this week! My dog Cosmo has fallen madly in love with her and no longer wants to sleep with me. He follows her around all day. I am nothing to him anymore, and it hurts, Cosmo. I get she’s blonde and younger and prettier than me, but I was here when you were nothing, man.

Tomorrow I will try to figure out how to pack for 5 different climates for Sam, 2 different ones for me (I’m going home for 3 weeks starting March 31), while still remembering that he’s in Philly with a full suitcase of clothes. How many suitcases? What sizes? Can I leave some of mine on the tour bus? Why do nail places think the massaging chairs they have are comfy? It feels like someone is punching you on the other side of the chair. And the vibrating ones make me feel like I’m on a turbulent airplane.

Anyway, the good news is Sam is loving Philly (see video), and he had his first meet the press event today.

Lauren’s birthday is April 4 and due to our travel schedules, we picked this Friday night for her party. I planned a big one with 30 friends because it’s her 10th birthday. She came to me about a month ago and said she just wants 2 or 3 friends to go to dinner and bowling. Her reason? She doesn’t want all those presents. She said she has so much in this world, she doesn’t need any more stuff. I need to listen to that one, my daughter. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. She did not get that from me. I’m still looking for better suitcases.




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