A Hard Day’s Night

Jeremy’s 72 year old grandmother Sandy is his guardian for the majority of the tour. Today she looked at me and said “Every day on tour is like a week.” And I agree. No one can fully understand what life is like in this world until you have lived even one day of it.

It’s kind of like when you are in college or grad school, cramming for exams. Or on the last night of sleepover camp, when everyone stays up all night, because you don’t want it to end. Or those first fee lovely months with a newborn baby. It’s just all a blur.

Today I woke up in Omaha and tonight I sleep in South Dakota. I don’t really remember getting here, although I do now know what the name is of my official favorite roadside stop ever (see below). No words.

Sioux Falls is the absolute cutest town. I must admit I forgot it was Passover almost immediately, but there is no way one can keep it here. They are known for their famous restaurant Chedds where they have hundreds of options to design your own grilled cheese. I mean, seriously, it is a carb plus cheese lover’s dream come true. I am sure Moses or whoever is in charge of Passover will forgive me.

Craig comes tomorrow for a full week of guardianship. He picked a week, unknowingly, that is a week of almost all one nighters. They go to six cities next week, starting this Sunday.

Craig has offered to give a talk to the cast next week about healthy eating on the road. Sandy pointed out that maybe he should give that talk at the end of the week, once he has had several days to experience this life.

I agreed with her and it reminded me of Craig as a pediatrician before we had kids. He used to give talks to prenatal groups about how breast feeding is the only way to go. Formula was evil. Then we had Sam and he was not a big fan of the boob, and after 3 months of me sitting on the couch pumping milk like a cow and feeding Sam with bottles of my milk, never once taking a break or putting a shirt on, Craig told me to give it up. And we switched to formula and Craig changed his prenatal talk. After that, he would tell people to try it, and if it didn’t work, formula was fine.

I think Sandy is right. Craig could tell people to eat healthy and get 8 hours of sleep, but let him try and find healthy food at the Kum and Go. It ain’t easy.





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