Smells Like Team Spirit

Recently, at a cheer competition for Lauren, before they went on, I gave her a hug and then shouted to the team, “Break a Leg!” It was only when I walked out the door that I realized that that was not the correct well wish to give to a cheerleading team. Especially when my daughter is the flyer.

Sam used to talk about his friends who couldn’t play after school because they were at “basketball rehearsal” (not practice.) Aidan recently went to his first hockey game and was confused about what the purpose of the locker room was. “Is it like their dressing room backstage?”

Being home here for this past week, I have tried to wrap up as many loose ends as possible before leaving on Friday a.m. I have purchased Mother’s Day cards & gifts, graduation cards & gifts, end of the year teacher gifts, and have purchased gifts for all remaining birthday parties for the school year. I have filled out summer camp forms and faxed in all medical exam documents. I am sure that either Craig or Carlotta could do all of these things. But remember, I do it BETTER. I know I do. I am the coach of this family and there will be no assistant director running this show.

I’m off my game this year altogether. I was not class mom for anyone. I haven’t helped at one school related event. I am glad to donate books or items for baskets or to write a check, but please don’t plan on me being there physically (I’m barely here mentally at this point). We had Aidan’s birthday party today and as much as I don’t want to publicly admit this, I still don’t know the names of many of the kids or moms from his class. I think the boys all look alike and the moms also have very similar looks, but maybe it’s that I am just not as on top of this as I usually am. (I ordered the cake on THURSDAY when the party was Sunday. I am always a week ahead on bday cake orders.) And the party favors. Oh, the party favors. No cute themed ones or personalized buckets and shovels. They all got horseshoe sets and sunglasses. Why? Because they were in the dollar section of Target and they had 25 of them. (Of course, they were the only items in the dollar section that were $3) But, oh, the shame. My favors used to be infamous.

My summer is still not totally planned down to the minute. I am 6 months behind on this. By the way, the one thing we did decide is that we will not be doing the whole Carlotta and kids following the bus idea. NOT because Craig didn’t think we could do it. But because I didn’t WANT to do it. There is a difference. The thought of schlepping the kids in a car behind a bus that leaves at 6 a.m. to get to a new town every day, just sounded, well, to put it nicely, like hell.

Every main character in The Addams Family has an understudy that are also one of the ancestors. The understudy strongly resembles the main character, and if you look at all of them together, you can see who goes with who (ie the 2nd tallest man in the cast is the Lurch understudy. The only other guy with the mustache in the cast is the Gomez understudy. ) Most of the understudies have done a few rehearsals, but very few have had to actually go on. This weekend, though, everyone had to be on their game in a very unique way.

Shaun Rice, our Uncle Fester, started feeling very ill in the middle of the show. So ill and so dizzy, that he felt faint and could not continue to go on. So, Aaron Fried, his understudy, who was in full white ancestor makeup and costume, had to quickly shave his head, take off the makeup and turn into Uncle Fester in a matter of moments. And it worked brilliantly. He went on mid-show, without ever having done a show as Fester, and I hear it was fabulous. The other ancestors quickly filled in where Aaron was supposed to have a line and a dance move. They are true team players. I’m so very proud of them and hope Shawn gets better soon.

The Addams Family team completed their 100th show (it was technically Sam’s 50th show) with a special party and an amazing cake. Wish I could have been there. But when I skyped Sam into Aidan’s party from his cast party to hear the birthday song, what I saw broke my heart. Sam was absolutely sobbing. He said he is the worst brother in the world and wished he could be there for his little brother. One player torn between two teams.

The important thing for all of us is that we have team spirit for whatever team we are on. Sam is out there supporting team Addams and I am here coaching along the Primack little league. Soon I will be drafted over to the theater league again and Craig will have to make the calls over here.

And so, to the cast that is on the road at 5 a.m. tomorrow to take a flight from Alabama to San Antonio, Texas for a week on the Riverwalk, I say to you, keep focused and keep your eyes on the prize. I will be there soon to make sure all of you have paper bowls and spoons for breakfast in your room and floss for your teeth backstage. And I will be glad to shout “Break a Leg” and not worry that I am putting a curse on you.



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One Response to Smells Like Team Spirit

  1. Kelli James says:

    You are a great sideline coach Ally! You move around the bases well and understand the game
    ! xoxo

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