These Are The Good Old Days

I love to watch the series finale of tv shows. Even for shows that I never regularly watched. I find it fascinating how the writers decide to end the stories of characters we grow to love like our own family. I can’t remember many things anymore, but I clearly remember how Family Ties, Cheers, Seinfeld, and Friends ended.

I really loved how The Office ended its series this past week. It was so beautiful and poignant. My favorite line of the finale was when Andy was talking about how he didn’t realize how much fun working at Dunder Mifflin was until it was over. He said “I wish someone would tell you that you were in the good old days before they were over.”

This past week we trekked all over the country, ending up in El Paso, TX for two days. And while it was unsettling to know that we were steps away from Juarez, the murder capital of Mexico, it was a city rich in history. We mostly stuck close to our hotel, huddled close so that none of us were abducted or sold into the drug trade. I also remembered why I’m not going to Asia. I get so frustrated when I don’t understand the language of the majority of the people around me. Also, I get very stressed out over the prospect of food I don’t understand.

As time goes by, I am getting to know each one of these amazing cast and crew members better and better. I like being the outsider, looking in on them. What I see is a group of young people, having the most incredible experience of their lives. They are touring the country together, in an experience so unique that only they truly understand. It reminds me of my favorite times in my life: living with my friends in cabins at camp or the dorms in college or my apartment in law school. Staying up all hours of the night in our jammies; cracking up over inside jokes and things that happened that day.

I want to tell them to enjoy every second. That these are the days that they will miss as they get older. That you will blink your eyes and it will be over. Not that being married with kids isn’t fun or special. It’s just that the lazy days and endless nights don’t last forever. I want them to know that these are the good old days.

We have two days off starting today. The cast is being treated to two days of fun in Atlanta. Sam and I chose instead to come home to AZ, to recharge for our last 5 weeks on tour. Sam hasn’t been home since Jan. 1. It is important for him to remember what’s waiting for him at home once this experience ends.

We will meet the cast back in Atlanta Tuesday am to begin again. I don’t know how we will actually say goodbye to these people and to this adventure. I imagine it will be as hard as it was to say goodbye when camp ended each summer or when friends graduated and moved on.

I hope it will be as incredible as the finales of “Six Feet Under” or “Sopranos” or Will and Grace”. However it ends, it will be sad and beautiful, hopeful and inspiring, like all good finales are.

I just hope I don’t wake up and find out it was all a dream.








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