The Locals

Each town that we go to utilizes local workers to help with our show. Every theatre employs their own set of crew members to help unload, set up, and re-load the set. There are local people to help with the props, makeup, hair and then there are the “dressers.” Each actor gets a theatre employee who helps them get in and out of each costume they wear throughout the show.

We continued our week with stops in Oxford and Jackson, MS. Two things strike me about the Deep South: 1) I don’t know anyone who lives here and 2) I think I would have made a very good Southern belle.

I always loved Gone With The Wind. I love the gowns and the plantations and the way they talked so properly. I loved that there was a woman whose job it was to make your waist look small in your dress.

I would have enjoyed being a debutante and attending cotillions wearing long white gloves. I would have liked to grow up to be a wonderfully dressed woman wearing Lily Pulitzer dresses with perfectly behaved little children who said ma’am and sir. My husband Cliff and I would have cute Southern accents and I would go to tea and eat fried pickles and peach cobbler.

Recently on tour, I have started dressing in what I like to call the “prisoner of war” mentality. I get completely dressed with full makeup and jewelry every day. Even if I don’t ever leave the hotel. I need to feel like a human even when I’m exhausted (this also works well when you have a newborn.)

Tonight we are doing something new. Young cast members call it exciting, while I am calling it hell. We just finished a 730 show. It’s 1030 pm and we are on the bus to New Orleans where tomorrow, Wednesday, we have a “day off.” We should get in around 230 am tonight. Then on Thursday we head to the airport at 400 am for a non-direct flight to Boston (only 1 stop!) When we land, we will then bus to Worchester, a mere 90 minute bus ride. We then have 5 shows in Worchester this weekend.

Sound fun? If you are not a parent and under 40, sure! If you are traveling with a 12 year old pre pubescent boy, you would, for sure, choose a root canal over this.

The cast is planning to go out in New Orleans TONIGHT at 3 am when we arrive. Sleep a bit tomorrow til noon, then party til our 4 am bus call Thursday. I am totally down for it too, but, you know, I might fall asleep during my lap dance.

And so, because I do not have a local dresser, I’m wearing a mismatched outfit on the bus. My hair is already askew, makeup smudged, and I am wondering at which point to pop my Ambien. I will arrive in the French Quarter looking like crap.

But frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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2 Responses to The Locals

  1. Richard Millard says:

    I take exception to your not knowing anybody in the SOUTH… What is Uncle Richy? – Chopped Liver?… Have some great final weeks….

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