Where Everybody Knows Your Name

One of the best scenes in our show is when Fester talks about his new love interest: the moon. He says it’s the perfect relationship. They never fight. They are millions of miles away from each other. They can see each other occasionally, and each time is special.

On Tuesday, while half of the cast went to New Orleans for our 2.5 days off, several cast members went home to NYC or nearby to see their significant others. Almost the entire cast is in a serious relationship. 4 are married (and 2 of those are legal gay marriages!) There is actually only one “showmance” between our cast members: our Gomez and Ancestor “Beverly” fell in love while she was the understudy Morticia. Their cool showbiz combo name is “Gomerly.”

It is incredibly hard to maintain a relationship so far away. It is similar to those dating or married to a deployed soldier or a spouse who travels a lot on business. The times spent together are precious, and fleeting. Not every relationship can survive distance. But some thrive in spite of it.

Craig and I have always been an independent duo. We enjoy being together, but enjoy being alone too. Since we met, we have never called each other 50 times a day to “check in”. We enjoy having our own lives. Also, I don’t like science fiction tv shows or movies and he makes fun of my “chick” shows (although, trust me, he LOVED Dawson’s Creek. He just won’t admit it). I think to have a good long distance relationship, you have to have a good sense of who you are alone. You need to be your own person outside of the couple.

I survived my 2 days in New Orleans with a sleep deprived 12 year old. I got hit on the head with beads, had a beignet and a Hurricane. I also showed Sam what happens when Mommy drinks something with Everclear in it.

This weekend we are in Worchester (pronounced “Wusta”) and today we went to Boston (pronounced Bastan). We saw friends from AZ that I have known for over 12 years. I loved seeing them and also now know that I love cannoli. So thank you Bargets for the company and the additional calories.

There is something so reassuring about seeing people outside the bubble of this life on tour. Coming back, the cast who went home to see loved ones are refreshed, revitalized…and sad. Looking at the faces of people who know you outside this experience remind you of real life. You remember you are loved, appreciated, and needed, and move ahead knowing it is still there.

Craig is coming tomorrow for a quick 1 night visit because he’s here in Bas-tan on business. It will be happy to for Sam and I to hug our moon, and sad to see the nighttime sky turn to day again.

I just hope my weight loss hubby does not notice the beignets and cannolis now attached to my ass.





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