Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Even though I’ve got this fancy blog going, I am actually very technologically challenged. Craig recently asked me to limit my non-wifi usage for the internet because I was over my limit. I apologized, and said I would, and then realized that I didn’t know what that meant. I also don’t know how to upload new music to my IPhone, which is why I have been listening to the same 5 albums on the bus over and over for the last 6 months.

One of the lucky five is the Simon and Garfunkel Best Of album. I have spent hours pondering who Cecilia is and why he washed his face after making love to her in the afternoon. I have also been wondering how old Mrs Robinson was, and could she possibly have been my current age? But mostly I listen to Homeward Bound and America, which I realized are both songs about touring the USA in a bus. Coincidence? Oh, my readers, I think not.

Since leaving Michigan on Sunday at 530 am, we had lunch in Pittsburgh during a fabulous gay pride parade. We then spent a night in Morgantown, W.Va. Morgantown was an interesting city where both the windows and doors were broken on my cab, causing me to have to crawl out of the window upon arrival at my destination. There was another show in town that night called “Farmers Market, The Musical.” It is a tribute to all the farmers markets all over West Virginia.

Yesterday we took a quick, 14 hour bus ride to Jackson, TN for a “night off.” We then got back on the bus 12 hours later and today we headed 10 hours to Shreveport, LA for a one night show. Will we see vampires out for True Blood? I do not know. That is Craig’s show and frankly, it scares the bejesus out of me. All those vampires and everyone looks so hot and sweaty in Louisiana. It’s so unrealistic anyway, because Sookie still has great hair despite the humidity.

Throughout these 6 months on the road in the USA, we have arrived in towns right after a tragedy. We started in NYC right after Superstorm Sandy. Then we headed to Connecticut weeks after the shootings in Newtown, CT. We were stuck in Rochester during Hurricane Nemo, and spent the night in Oklahoma City after tornadoes destroyed towns and lives. Finally, we went to Boston, and saw the aftermath of the Marathon bombings.

What I have seen, though, despite the sadness and tragedy all over the country, is the strength of the human spirit and the power of community. People in America find the will to go on, despite losing their businesses or homes or schools or, worst of all, their loved ones. America, for all it’s financial woes and political fights and educational and health care hardships, really is the home of the brave. And, looking out the window at the scenery, and witnessing the quirky uniqueness of the people and the cultures in each town, it really is beautiful. We celebrate differences with parades, and provide shelter for each other during a storm.

So, before I continue to listen to the funky jams of such current artists as Fleetwood Mac or James Taylor (who also sings a song about traveling the USA called “Country Road”), I think about the words of my buddies Paul and Art. “Each town looks the same to me, the movies and the factories..I’ve come to look for America..”

One thing is for sure as I travel many miles through time zones and highways and severe sleep loss: Michigan seems like a dream to me now.





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