If you are a soap opera fan (I’m not, I’m just saying, if you are), then you have probably experienced the “switcheroo.” You are watching say, General Hospital, when suddenly your favorite character comes on. But, it’s not the same actor. Suddenly, a deep man’s voice comes out of nowhere and says “The part of Carly will now be played by Susie Brown.” You are stunned. Confused. And have a hard time adjusting to the fact that Carly, who was once a tall blonde, is now a short brunette.

The switcheroo happens a lot on TV shows too. Roseanne’s daughter one day became a sexier, cuter actress. Eve Plumb was not on the Brady Bunch Variety Show. It was a new Jan. And of course, there is the famous Bewitched Darrin replacement. They act like we won’t notice, but oh, we do.

Here in Addams Family land, we have a new Pugsley. The “new Sam” has arrived and he will be rehearsing over here in Portland, so that he can take over for Sam in Asia. He seems like a nice kid and I’m sure he will do a great job. All 3 Pugsleys met today, and it felt a bit to me like when Cousin Oliver arrived on Brady Bunch. Or when they added Chrissy to Growing Pains. Or when they added Rudy to The Cosby Show. Ok you get my point. There’s new blood in this show. And it feels a little strange to me.

But the Pugsley recast is not really my concern. It’s the new mom. Will she replace me? Will they forget about me? Will it be like when George Clooney left ER and now no one remembers he was even on it? Or will it be like when Shelley Long left Cheers and everyone said they liked Kirstie Alley much, much better?

Everyone asks me the same two questions: 1)what is next for Sam and 2)will momontour continue? As I said at the very beginning, there is no guidebook for any of this.

As for Sam, we are considering many options. As I like to answer this question, when they make the “E! True Hollywood Story” of Sam, I would rather have the “we tried and failed and that’s why he went on a crazy drinking and shoplifting binge at the local 711” story and not the version in which we didn’t let him try at all. But I guess the answer is, if there is going to be a time to see where his career is going, it is now. I think. Or maybe he goes back to real life for a while. Which is good too.

As for me, am I still momontour if I’m not on tour? I suppose the answer is that being a mom is a constant journey so I’ll always be on tour. But I do want to turn this blog into a book because there are many details of my life that I did not share while on tour. I call it the “momontour unplugged” version. And I also plan on blogging for a few months about what our Uncle Fester Shaun Rice calls the “post-tour confusion.” He said it includes such problems as throwing towels on the floor at home and waiting for the hotel maids to clean them up.

Whatever happens next, I hope it’s not like with David Caruso when he left NYPD Blue. Or when Charlie Sheen left 2 1/2 men. Or when Farrah left Charlie’s Angels. Or when Chrissy left Three’s Company.

I guess I just hope that whatever I do next, for Sam, for myself, or for my family, people don’t say it was the wrong thing.

And I really, really hope the new mom on tour takes care of all my Addams kids.






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One Response to Bewitched

  1. Linda pauley says:

    Don’t worry, you’re unforgettable. Looking forward to the “unplugged” stories. 😉

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