Sam, I Am

Now that I have been to all of our touring cities, I can reveal my very favorite one. Drumroll, please..the winner is … Sioux Falls, SD. The scenery was beautiful, the shopping was amazing, the food was delicious and they had incredible sculptures all over town. But what sealed the deal was the Dr Seuss exhibit called Suess Falls.

I have always loved Dr Seuss. His ability to sum up great big feelings into tiny words amazes me. The exhibit taught me so much about his life. Green Eggs and Ham was created because of a bet between he and his publisher that he couldn’t write a book using only 50 one syllable words. He didn’t publish anything notable until after he was 40. The Lorax was his favorite book. His last quote in 1991 was “we can..and we’ve got to…do better than this.”

Craig and my blonde children (as my mom calls Lauren and Aidan) came to Portland Wednesday. It was great to spend this week with them, although Sam has now noticed how much work his siblings are. He kept telling them to “turn down their tv shows” and asked me if they were always so loud. He also told me they were physically exhausting him. Mmmm hmmm.

The last show was emotional for all involved. The cast held it together until the end, at which point many were sobbing onstage. I cried so hard that I made that ugly sobbing noise. How upset was Craig you ask? So much so that when the lady at the McDonald’s told us they turned off the ice cream machine at 1030 pm, he screamed at her. “That’s not ok!” he yelled. “You don’t close until 1100!”

Lauren was too busy taking pictures of herself and texting them to her friends, but I’m sure she was sad too.

The one who amazed me the most was Sam. He sang his solo during Act one with beauty and grace, and still hit all his comedic lines and had fun with all his scenes as if it was not the last show. He waited until the final song to let it all come out.

I have realized that our roles have switched during this experience. He knows just when to hold my hand and tell me not to worry. He can get us around town with his google maps way better than any GPS (sorry, Craig, but that thing is outdated. Deal with it. Also, sorry to the people of Portland that we almost killed when Craig was leading us down one way streets bc his GPS told us to.) Sam is stronger than I am, both physically and emotionally.

I realized that I have as much to learn from my kids as they do from me. At the end of the show, as I was making sobbing noises that can only be described as primal and scary, Aidan looked at me and told me that the show ending was a good thing. “I get my Mommy and big brother back.” He held my hand and told me it was all going to be ok.

Lauren told me my dress was pretty, and I needed to fix my eye makeup, which was also very helpful. Then she posed for an Instagram pic.

I have become a little more child-like and have let go of a lot of my previous anxieties by remembering what it’s like to be young and carefree. And my kids are starting to become more grown up.

From Dr Seuss and also Sioux Falls, I have learned that the simplest things are the most amazing. And that the most beautiful things are the ones you did not expect.

Craig and the kids went back to the 118 degree paradise that is AZ today, while Sam and I are staying in Portland until Monday. Like bookends, we started with this cast, and we will end with them (they leave for Asia on Monday.)

“Do not cry because it is over. Smile because it happened.” Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss)









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6 Responses to Sam, I Am

  1. Linda pauley says:

    Beautiful……that’s our favorite Dr.Seuss quote too! You and Sam should be so proud of everything that has “happened”……You’re coming back Monday? Darn, Shrek ends on Sunday! Seussical anyone? 😉

  2. Robyne says:

    U saved the best for last. Congrats.. What an amazing journey!!!!!

  3. Laura Raitt says:

    I love, love, love this!!!

  4. Kelli James says:

    Welcome home to one of my favorite families of all TIMES!!!

  5. allison cohen says:

    What a wonderful adventure full of growth and experience for Sam, you and the whole family. Glad to have been able to follow it all. xoxo

  6. Monica Hedeby says:

    I have so enjoyed reading about your and Sam’s amazing experience! It sounds like an extreme time of growth for your whole family. I’ll look forward to seeing you sometime soon in AZ! I was so excited to read about Sioux Falls being your favorite city, because Josh is going to college there in the fall!!!! I have just visited once so far, but I’m sure I’ll be spending more time there in the future! You’ll have to share some of your favorite shopping places and restaurants! Welcome back to AZ!!

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