Goodnight Xanax: A Poem

Goodnight Xanax 
Goodnight Lexapro 
The tour is over, I don't need you any mo. 
Goodnight Valium and Atavan as well, 
No more plane rides or hotels with that god awful smell. 
Goodnight Ambien and Valariun Root, 
I am sleeping in my own bed so you get the boot. 
Goodnight Melatonin and even Benadryl, 
It's over, we made it, I don't need a pill! 
Goodnight beer, goodnight wine, 
I don't need you to relax, a good cup of tea will do me just fine. 
I am cozy in my bed with my jammies and unkempt hair, I can finally watch the 
news and see what's going on out there. 
Wait! What's that they are saying? 
Still more violence and shootings and crime? 
Kidnappings and drownings and, hey, wait, what if the kid on that story were 
The world is not safe, no it's not, I must say. No no I can't stand it, I can't 
go on this way. I'm not sleeping, I'm nervous, what if that cough is disease? 
What if it's cancer or a terrible pain no doctor could ease? 
So, maybe....just a Xanax to help make me feel right... 
And a Tylenol pm, so I sleep through the night? 
And while I'm at it, I'll keep all these pills. Knowing they are here will ease 
my mind... 
And maybe tomorrow I can get some marijuana..  You know, the medical kind. 
I have anxiety and fears yes I do, and it had nothing to do with the tour. 
I have stress and I cant sleep,  will it ever change, I'm not sure. 
So from one momontour to another, we need our vices; we do! 
whether they come in pill or liquid form, they are important to you! 
So, no guilt, from me , it is this, that I hope you will learn.. 
Go ahead, deal with your day with glee and new cheer, 
Just know that there will be a glass of wine (or a valium) waiting for you right 
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2 Responses to Goodnight Xanax: A Poem

  1. Robyne says:

    so flippin funny, and quite the poet!!

  2. Denyse says:

    What a great ride !!

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