Paradise By The Dashboard Light

When I was in high school, they gave us 22 minutes for lunch. This included those of us who had a car and could go out for lunch. This was an excellent idea on behalf of school officials: give newly licensed teenagers 22 minutes to leave school, go to eat with a bunch of friends at a restaurant, and be quickly and safely back at school. Especially when your school was 5 minutes away from any restaurant.

One fateful lunch day, we crammed into my awesome light blue Grand Marquis Mercury and headed to Little Caesars. We scarfed down as much food as we could in 4 minutes and jumped back into my car to get back to school. My friend Lisa insisted on bringing the rest of her lunch in the car so she could finish it. We raced through the parking lot and were hit by an 85 year old man (in my exact same car except it was brown.) I’m sure it was my fault, but I blacked out for a moment. When I awoke, I turned to look at my friends to make sure they were ok. What I saw was out of a horror movie. All 5 girls, covered in blood.

But after a moment, I realized it was not blood. It was the crazy sauce from Lisa’s little Caesars breadsticks. The man was horrified when he looked inside the car, and I yelled at him that it was all his fault and I had to get them to a dr. I sped off, leaving the poor man to worry about us. I did get them to school, although we all got the dreaded tardy slips.

This weekend we are in Sedona, AZ to escape our Phoenix home that still has no air conditioning in most of the house. (I’m soooo glad we have such a super home warranty! Only a few more days until our new part thingy arrives. That only took 3 weeks. Not so bad in 115 degrees).

We are on yet another family trip without Sam. I am considering hiring a surrogate 12 year old boy to pose as our son for awhile (Arrested Development fans..think surrogate George Bluth).

Sam appears happy in the one camp photo I have seen of him (although I continue to push refresh, refresh to confirm his happiness.) The Addams Family clan seems to be loving Singapore and I keep reminding myself how much I would have hated the food to make me feel better that I’m not there.

Aidan seems to be suffering from a new illness called “Post 5 year old that saw Addams Family 15 times syndrome.” He is constantly quoting the show and most of the people around him that are also 5 and in kindergarten have no idea what he’s talking about (“Mom, it’s so weird. My friend Max at camp has never heard of a torture chamber. And he thinks Lurch is a vampire, and he didn’t even know who Wednesday is. He thought I meant the DAY. I mean, what’s wrong with that kid, mom?”)

But as we drove into the red rocks of calming Sedona yesterday, I was reassured that all is well and we are continuing to move forward with our family. Lauren even looked up from her Instagram to note how pretty the view was, before quickly texting her friends pictures of herself admiring the view from inside the car.

Craig can nap all weekend here, Lauren can continue to text, Aidan can confuse the local children with his jokes about Gomez and Morticia, and I will remind myself, as I do every time I leave here, that I will not meditate or do yoga back home simply because I purchase healing stones, calming music, incense and crystals while in Sedona.

As we climbed out of our pink jeep tour this am to take a closer look, I smiled at the beauty of the scenery that I was now able to see up close, beyond the dashboard of the Jeep. It is amazing how things are so much more clear when you stop the car and look around.

My friends in 1988 were not dead back there in that car, they were covered in thick tomato sauce (albeit, the kind that is oh so delicious with hot garlic bread).

My family has so far survived the shift from tour life to normal life (although Aidan will say, “define normal” if anyone asks him if he’s happy it’s all back to normal now.) There are only 4 of us Primacks (plus my parents) on this trip. And who knows what will happen next with Sam. Could he end up on another tour, or living elsewhere for a bit to work on something else? It’s possible. It’s possible that there may be many other family trips in our future with only 2 of our kids.

But, to quote Meatloaf..,”But don’t be sad… ’cause two out of three ain’t bad.”







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2 Responses to Paradise By The Dashboard Light

  1. Lisa says:

    YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    UM AS I RECALL It was Litberg or Slutzky’s sauce

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