Was there anything better for musical theatre kids than those first few seasons of Glee? The quotes, the music, the characters..were everywhere! And overnight, it was cool for both boys and girls to do musical theatre. Broadway songs were back in the mainstream (I’m sure there were very few kids who knew Don’t Rain on My Parade before Rachel sang it). Important issues were brought into our daily conversation: from teenage homosexuality to safe sex and unplanned pregnancy to bullying, OCD and Downs Syndrome.

But it all fell apart for me when Quinn ran head first into a truck while texting and driving. All summer we waited to see what would happen to her. And then..season opener and… she was perfectly fine. Not a scratch. A wheelchair for an episode or two and some PT for a bit. And then…. back to normal. Singing and dancing. Off to a great college with full mental capacity in tact. What a wasted opportunity to bring home a very important message.

The fact that Finn is dead in real life is beyond sad. Drug addiction is very real and very scary. I have dealt with drug addicted clients here in AZ for 15 years. It is not easy to quit. It’s a disease. Sometimes the disease wins and you die.

There is talk of how to deal with Finns death on the show. Pretend he’s off at school? Recast it? Glee people: you need to have him die of a drug overdose. This is a perfect opportunity for you to send a powerful message. This ruins the lives of his loved ones. It sucks. No song can help. They are angry. Some friends, including his girlfriend, didn’t even know that he was using again. It is a great way to open the lines of communication with our kids on this topic.

This is the very first celebrity of my kids’ generation to die this way. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Heath ledger were ours. Cory Monteith is theirs. Do not sweep it under the rug.

Life can be challenging, but if you pretend that it’s not, that it will all work out ok so that you do not make anyone feel uncomfortable, then you lose and they lose too.

I thought that was the point of Glee. To change minds and opinions. So seize this horrible moment and do it.


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2 Responses to Glee

  1. Kelli james says:

    I so agree Aly. It is something we all need to look at. I’ve seen so many lives destroyed! I also believe we need to look at the reasons why we all seem to have a huge need to escape life!

  2. Robyne says:

    Well said my friend

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