Can you spot the differences?

Lets play a game! The first picture is of Princess Kate one day after giving birth to her firstborn son. She is smiling and fresh and has fabulous hair. The next one is of me, 8 days after the birth of my first son. How many differences can you spot?

1. I am worried and exhausted. A smile did not emerge from my face for another 2 years.

2. My husband, unlike William, would not be described as jubilant. He appears to be half asleep at our sons bris.

3. The hair.

4. The dress from Mothehood Maternity. I wore it for 6 months after he was born. No “new outfit” for me on day 1. Or day 45.

5. The belly. Hers, a minor bump a day after giving birth. Mine caused a major fight between me and my Vietnamese pedicurist who insisted on day 8 post birth “Baby still in tummy. You no have baby yet.”

Play your own game! It’s super fun! Bring out your post birth pics and compare! You will believe in the power of the magical royal vagina. I do.



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One Response to Can you spot the differences?

  1. Lisa says:

    You look like a princess in that pic

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