Todays Trivia: The Ed Sullivan Theatre during a Letterman taping, a Kmart in Chelsea, NY, a chartered boat off of Cabo San Lucas, Laguardia Airport security line, Cornado Beach: what do all of these things have in common? (Answer below)

“Allyson is more anxious than your average gal.” These was the diagnosis given to my parents after months of testing by a urologist to see why I couldn’t sit through a movie, a long car ride, or my high school graduation without continually running to the bathroom. Anxiety. This after peeing in a special toilet that printed out charts and diagrams, and being subjected to all sorts of lovely probes.

As you all know, I am lucky enough to be married to a doctor who specializes in my number one anxiety: weight loss. Part of his program is to drink lots and lots of water all day. That goes really well with the past 8 months of my life. If there’s anything that works together fantastically, it’s a combination of an “anxious” bladder, tons of water, and sitting for hours and hours on a bus, car or airplane unable to move.

This past two weeks, I drove back and forth to San Diego from Phoenix, flew to New York City, drove two hours to
the Catskills and back to the city, and then flew back to AZ. Today I drove from Phx to Los Angeles, will stay here until Saturday and then go back to San Diego and stay there until I return home to AZ Tuesday after another 6 hour drive.

As any woman who has given birth and or turned 40 knows, the first thing to go is the bladder. This is why women won’t see long movies and the very first thing we check when we go to a show is when is intermission and where is the nearest exit. Theatre in the round is especially tough for me. The picture below is of me on stage at the Broadway show of Pippin during a backstage tour. I was really happy because after a 2.5 hour show, they had a bathroom back there I could use.

This past weekend, Sam was asked to come to an audition for a national tour of a holiday show. We were in NYC so we went and the next day he was in the finals. The part is a 10 year old boy and when we arrived, we noticed Sam was at least 2 feet taller than the others in the finals. As we sat on the 5 hour plane ride home and I got yelled at for going to the bathroom during turbulence, I looked at Sam and said, I can’t go on tour again. My bladder can’t take it.

Today we headed to LA to take Sam to meet with some agents, and I drank a lot of water and tried to get there as quickly as possible.

And so, after 7 hours of driving by myself with the kids and making multiple pit stops on the side of the road with truckers cheering me on, the Primacks rolled up to West Hollywood, CA. in style. Dark cherry minivan, food all over, toilet paper in bags for those side of the road pit stops. And I was wearing really cute lulu lemon pants. That were soaking wet from the times we were driving through the desert or a bad part of town with no way to pull over.

So, I changed my wet pants and we take Hollywood by storm this weekend, not sure what we will accomplish or what will happen. Just checking out the scene here and what it has to offer Sam. We will see……

Answer to above question: I peed in my pants in all those locations. Yes, even during Letterman. Because they don’t let you go once filming begins and they film for almost 2 hours. I had a really good seat that I didn’t want to lose. So I apologize to the person who sat in that seat for the next taping that day. It was not your imagination. It was wet.


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  1. Sue says:

    TMI haha

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