Nice and tidy

I play the best game at my house. Really I do. It’s called piles. I take all of the paperwork that I have to look through and I make piles. A school forms pile, bills pile, coupon pile, business piles, and stuff I need to talk to Craig about pile. Then I move the big piles into smaller piles as if to trick myself into thinking that I have accomplished something that day. I can move these piles all over the kitchen and keep dividing them.

Here are forms for activities ill never sign up for (class mom or PTO, no thank you.); bills I’m not in the mood to pay (why did I order Allure magazine?) and the local ballot election thingys I know I should read but just don’t want to. There are also coupons that have long since expired and groupons I bought but never used. I do not throw them away, I save them as if to think someone will come along and inspire me to bust into that grocery store and demand they give me my free Yoplait.

It seems as if this year I have had to fill out more back to school forms than ever before. I am constantly singing paperwork assuring the schools that I do, in fact, speak English. That I approve of all of the teachers discipline and homework policies, that we do own all required computers and software needed for said homework, and that I’m totally cool with the kids seeing a PG 13 movie during school.

Back to school means a time of organization. I buy cool files to put their schoolwork in, organize the pencils and buy baskets where everyone must drop their backpacks in upon returning home. This should last through October. And then said containers end up in the garage.

Sam and I spent several days in LA meeting with agents and they were all very interested in him. We chose one we liked, got the paperwork, and drove home. And then it hit us. We were going home. After 6 months on the road, 3 weeks in New York and one in California, we were ready to return to normalcy. And it sounded goooood.

The next day we got a call to come back to LA the following day to go to Nickelodeon for an audition. And it struck us: the next day was the first day of school. And none of us wanted to go. Not even Sam. We are tired and craving stability. And the more we analyze and put this into different piles in our heads, it comes to this: how much more can we put our family through? Are we moving to LA? Does Sam even like on-camera work enough to uproot us again? We sorted it, filed it, and made up new piles of discussions and thoughts and ideas.

And we ended up looking at the piles of decisions and questions and came up with the fact that we are going to leave all these topics in their piles for awhile. We don’t know what we want to commit ourselves to yet or how far we want to push it all. Wouldn’t a nice regular year be good too?

And so it all sits there on the shelf, our metaphorical piles of stuff to go through at a later date. We will come back to it on another day when we are ready to look through them.

For now , they sit there as we clean up everything else around us. Back in a regular routine of life: going to school, seeing friends and hanging out. No commitments yet to anything . We can narrow our choices, make them smaller and smaller as we sift through all the stuff we don’t want or need. Just say no to all of it for now and shove it in a corner.

Except for me that is. I can’t say no. I’m now the Kindergarten art masterpiece lady. I can file that one in my load of crap pile . I promise I’ll get to it one day soon. Right after I pay my Gap bill.


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