Kindergarten Is Life

I recently took 5 year old Aidan to the book store to choose 2 new books for fun extra reading. After hours of analysis, he emerged with 2 choices: a book on the Revolutionary War and a book on Abraham Lincoln. He has ditched the Legos and moved onto Presidential trivia and wars. He is also a big fan of State Capital trivia. I see an appearance on Jeopardy in his future.

Lauren also is getting a taste of politics. The school election is today and she and her friend are running as a team for school mascot. They are up against two boys. Campaign speeches were this am and although I insisted, she refused to enter the room to “Blurred Lines”playing. She thinks her cuteness will help them win. Little does she understand the importance of sexiness in politics.

Coming up to the 12 year anniversary of 9/11 last night, Aidan and I talked about what happened on that day, the war that followed, and how it relates to Syria. Heavy stuff, I know, but The Daily Show is the only show I watch lately and Aidan generally doesn’t leave my side. I think he thinks that if I am out of the room, I snuck out and went on tour again (which I totally would if that bus pulled up to my house to come get me.)

He is very interested in what role the American President has in deciding to go to war. (If your 5 year old boy is mostly interested in racing Matchbox cars alone in his room, I totally envy you.) Most of the time I have to google my answers to give him some sort of accurate information. I’m just really grateful for his new school where he recently joined The Garden Club. It’s an after school group to teach kids about seeds and soil and additional things I don’t understand. He was stunned that he was the only Kindergarten boy in there.

So, I created an analogy. I said the USA President is the kindergarten teacher. All the other countries are the students. He has to make sure we all play nicely together. If one kid is misbehaving and not following the rules, his job is to decide the punishment.

He checks with the other students to see what they think about the situation and they can all tell him what they’d like to see happen, but it is all up to him.

Today, when we are reminded of the sadness that came to the USA 12 years ago, we can remember that this was ultimately a case of one kid not liking another one . How to punish the misbehavior is hard to say when everyone has an opinion and there is the question of whether or not two wrongs ultimately make any of this right.

So today, to make us all laugh in addition to the tears that will be shed, I will now publish the Allyson Primack family house rules. Posted in my home, I wrote these to prevent war in my own home. Also to make clear what I will and will not do as ruler of my land.

Moms House Rules:
1. This is a giant house. If you can’t see me, I can’t hear you screaming “Mom!” COME FIND ME.

2. Usually, there are 2 adults here. Daddy is a doctor. He can open a banana and find the clicker as well as I can. HE KNOWS HOW TO DO STUFF TOO. ASK HIM.

3. Unless this is a magic house, things don’t magically fly out of here unless you physically take them out. It’s here somewhere. LOOK FOR IT.

4. Despite what you may think, there is no vacuum cleaner under, near, or in the couch. THROW YOUR WRAPPERS AWAY or there will be no more food in this house that comes in wrappers. And that’s pretty much all the foods you guys enjoy.

5. Q: What’s for dinner?
A: Unless you start eating new foods, it’s the same frozen choices from last night.

6. I’m sure he started it. Or she did. Or he/she isn’t sharing. It’s all true. I just really don’t care to get involved. But thanks so much for filling me in!

7. My job as Mom ends at 830. If you want something before then, I’m here. After that, even though you can still see actually see me, I AM NOT HERE.

Love, Mom


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One Response to Kindergarten Is Life

  1. Linda pauley says:

    Love your House Rules! I think I need to borrow them! Go Aidan!

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