Everything Old Is New Again

The term “tech week” makes any theatre person stop what they are doing and cringe. It is fraternity hell week; an accountants week before April 15; it’s midterms and final exams. It is the storm before the calm.

Tech week is the last week of rehearsals of a show before it opens. All the technical aspects are added: the costumes, props, lights and scenery changes. It can be a smooth progression or a week-long disaster. As a parent of a theatre child, it means late nights and cranky kids. Professional tech weeks can run until 11 pm or midnight each night.

Sam’s first real tech week was he was 5. He wasn’t nighttime potty trained so I would change him into his pull up and jammies in the parking lot of the theatre before our drive home at 10:00 each night. And I thought, well, this tech week will probably make him hate theatre. So this will be our only one. We have been through over 35 tech weeks at this point and it is always stressful.

But it is always exciting because it means something amazing is coming: opening night. And real audiences. As we head into tech this week for his upcoming show, I need to remind myself that even though its old hat for us, doesn’t mean it’s not exciting.

This past week, our Gomez proposed to our Morticia Understudy/Amcestor. It was a showmance that turned into a beautiful love story. I’m a proud momontour and I’m remembering those first few days of being engaged and the excitement of all of it. As I lay in bed, staring at Craig as he farts in his sleep, or wondering how it is that he never remembers anything I tell him, I must remember that it used to be exciting to wake up with him. Now I just hope he’s quiet in the morning and will leave for work without waking me up to ask me a question I already answered the night before.

As I start getting ready for Halloween decorations and drama, I need to remember that I used to love watching my kids pick out Halloween costumes. Now I just worry why my 5 year old son has chosen to be Abraham Lincoln and why my 10 year daughter wants to be a sexy version of Skittles. I worry that we won’t get that perfect fall pumpkin picture of our family riding on a hay ride. I worry that I’ll buy too much candy and eat it all. I worry about candy corn because I love it so very very much.

As I start dreading a full week of no school next week (whose brilliant idea was fall break Arizona??? Huh? Doesn’t one more week of summer break make more sense?), I need to remember that soon I will miss these days of endless time with my kids. (Nah, I won’t. I just put that in there to sound nice. I really really love being by myself.)

But, I do need to look at things through younger, fresher eyes these days. I’m getting bored and cranky and cynical and I need to watch Aidan watch the world. Little kids find the excitement in everything. They do not analyze. Answers come easy and simple.

My little democrat has even solved the government shutdown. Watch the video
for his frank 5 year old analysis. When we run out of something, just make more. You are in charge.

Here’s to Sam and his cast of his upcoming show The Princess and The Pea (get tickets now at http://www.vyt.com #shameless promotion) enjoy your upcoming tech week-and do not be cranky. Here’s to the cast of the Addams Family-who officially went back on tour today after a 5 week layoff. May you enjoy your own tech week-and the joy of being together again. Just remember it will NEVER EVER be as fun on the road without the Primacks on the bus.

Here’s to Lexie and Jessie on your engagement: may you always feel this much in love. And here’s to my kids: may you stay wide eyed and in love with the world. And here’s to Craig : who I have already told all this to..but he just doesn’t remember.



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2 Responses to Everything Old Is New Again

  1. Lisa P. says:

    So…I was thinking he was going all Republican with the Abe Lincoln thing…but then, with the ‘free money’ comment…nope, he’s going all Democrat….#sorrycounldn’tresist#hopeyoustillspeaktome….

  2. Robyne says:

    I’m up reading ur blog at 2:20 be4 going back to bed and eating.. But worth the read and the caloroies. Looking fwd to the show.. Soccer practice at 7:15… Nights night

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