Vanity Fair

Yesterday, when I sat down for my one-on-one full-length interview with the Arts Editor of the AZ Republic (after an earlier meeting with the Mayor of Phoenix who formally endorsed my new theatre foundation), two thoughts came to mind. The first was how did I, a simple gal from Detroit with absolutely no arts training, end up in this scenario. The second was, would the reporter notice that my nails were not done?

When you read those Vanity Fair articles about Kate Hudson’s sit down lunch with the author of the article on her, the guy notices everything. What she orders, how she eats, what she’s wearing and wry observations on her current hair style.

Once I realized that this interview was less about my makeup choices and more about my non-profit theatre foundation (ok, it was only about my foundation), I was much calmer. He asked me lots of questions (none about my beauty or health regime), but there was one question that really stumped me. He asked what had surprised me the most about putting this foundation together.

The answer: how unbelievably busy I am. How I figured I’d have more time to spend with the kids and work from home, but in reality, I’m never home. I’m working longer hours and more intense days than I was when I was helping people fight their DUI charges.

But it’s a lot more rewarding sending someone to the theatre than to Tent City.

However, I’m not just busy. I’m distracted. My mind is going a million miles an hour. I’m turning the wrong way during Zumba, I’m missing doctor appointments and forgetting to call people back. I never let my car gas tank get less than 1/4 gallon full. EVER. Yesterday, I made it to the gas station with 1 mile remaining. And my phone, always fully charged, has gotten down to one bar. On several days.

But, my sense of humor I have not forgotten..I can still tell you the things I hate this week:

1. Jeans: lets just admit it. They are not comfortable. Seriously. Why can’t we all wear sweatpants? And do we really need skinny jeans? Aren’t they really just uncomfortable, stiff leggings?

2. Kids calling me Mrs Primack. I know, it’s polite. But it makes me feel ancient.

3. The budget override failing: thanks Scottsdale citizens with no kids at home. You just created your next generation of Arizonans. They won’t be able to play instruments, do a school play, or have less than 45 kids per class. You asked for it Scottsdale. Be prepared: these are your doctors, lawyers, scientists and teachers of the future. They might sort of know what they are doing.

4. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on the same day. Not cool, Jewish calendar. Not cool.

5. The upcoming long holiday season. Too much forced holiday happiness for way too long. I’m just not that cheery.

So, in conclusion, I may not have time to get my oil changed or go to the dentist, but I will always have time to kvetch. And you can quote me on that Mr. Reporter. (Also, in case you DO care, sir, I wear MAC makeup and use the Obagi skin care line.)


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2 Responses to Vanity Fair

  1. Larry says:

    Terrific blog but override was bad idea based on poor school money management they need to cut bloated management not look for ways to get more money

  2. Kelli James says:

    Same here I thought having my own studio would put me in control and I could call/make all the shots! Well that’s if you had someone working for you…or you remembered to load your gun! 🙂

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