I really hate board games. And card games. I really never have had the patience to sit down and focus on a piece of cardboard and the plastic pieces that go with it. I only ever really loved one game: Rummikub. I love the manipulation involved: the switching around and swapping pieces to make things on my side look like it all fits together. How can I move everything around to make things come together for me?

Yep. You guessed it. It’s another cool analogy to how I run my life. And yet, in order for me to accomplish what I need to on a daily basis, I do have to figure out how to take a little bit from everyone else around me and still keep it all together on my end.

Last weekend, we went to Detroit for a bat mitzvah and had to pull off the most magical of strategies to let 4 of us travel to MI and keep Sam in AZ for tech week of Sound of Music. Sam stayed at 2 different houses in 3 days, had 3 different backpacks of clothes, scripts, money and school supplies at each location, and had 2 different hired drivers to transport him around town.

And so, I will now present to you my weekly “puzzles” or “games” I am playing in my head right now:

1. Why does she crash her car into a bridge and why does she love it?

2. What do we call people born in my generation? Aidan told me he heard a speaker at school the other day who “was so old, he was born during the teens.” I had to sadly explain that Daddy and I were from the teens too.

3. Why is there daylight savings time? I know what it means but try explaining it to a 5 year old. Here’s what I came up with: “People in Detroit hate the winter so they want their days to be darker and shorter so it will go by quickly.”

4. Also try explaining the reason why Hanukkah is so early this year to anyone who isn’t a Jew. You start talking about the Jewish calendar and how it changes every year, but if they ask you if that somehow involves the lunar cycle, you will be stumped.

5. How am I going to pull off a 25 person Thanksgivingkah at my house the day before a 200 person Non Profit Foundation Kick Off Gala? I don’t know-ikah but I’m sure it will involve a lot of Valium-ikah.

6. Why do people choose wine or alcohol as their nighttime sweetness when there is candy in this world? I would so much prefer Swedish fish and licorice over Chardonnay. I bypass the bar and head straight for the candy table at bar mitzvahs. I really really love scooping candy into bags.

7. I have officially found a national community smaller than the Jewish community. It’s the theatre community. There are several actors in Sound of Music here in AZ who have been in shows with members of The Addams Family cast at some point around the Country. There is Jewish geography, which is ironic and interesting, but theatre geography is just way more fun to play!

And so, as we head into this opening weekend, Sam will morph from a member of the Addams Family into a member of the Von Trapp Family. My little Translyvanian Pugsley is growing up and turning into a tall German Austrian boy. We are swapping Gomez and Morticia for Georg and Maria. Hmm…. Do you see what I see?

If you switch it around a little bit, it all comes out the same. Just, not really.




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