I always have a running list of my top 10 favorite movies. I will take one off and add some new ones depending on what has come out that year. Since I was about 8 years old, there has been one movie that has never come off that list: “Meatballs.”

There are many quotable lines and speeches. But the best one, by far, is “It Just Doesn’t Matter.” In that scene, head counselor Tripper (Bill Murray), tries to rally up his campers who are in the midst of their yearly Olympiad with their rival team The Mohawks. Morale among campers is down and even the staff points out that the Mohawks have beaten them every year for 12 years in a row. In an attempt to rile up the campers and staff, Tripper gives them a battle cry speech in which he tells them it doesn’t matter if they win or lose:

“That’s just the attitude we don’t need. Sure, Mohawk has beaten us twelve years in a row. Sure, they’re terrific athletes…IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. I tell you, IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER! IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER! IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER!” The entire camp starts chanting this chant and it ultimately fires them up to prove Tripper wrong. What they do does matter. They fight harder for the rest of the Olympiad games. The result? They win. They beat the Mohawks. It’s the best.

Arizona SB 1062, the “Anti-Gay, Pro-Discrimination” bill was vetoed today by Governor Jan Brewer. Sure, it’s a minor victory. Yes, we saved ourselves from additional national embarrassment. But at what cost? The Hispanic National Bar Association canceled their 2015 convention that was to be held here. We were made fun of by every single news outlet in the nation (and world-wide too I’m sure, except for in Russia who must have thought Arizona was awesome). And everyone knows that the only reason why she vetoed the bill today and not last Friday when it originally passed in both the House and Senate was because The NFL threatened to pull the Superbowl out of Arizona this year. It took the fucking Superbowl to make her do something. (Which, as many of you remember, is the only reason why Arizona agreed to celebrate Martin Luther King Day here in 1992.)

So now is our moment Arizona. You feel beaten down by the government and you don’t think you can fight anymore? You think that they are bigger and stronger than you are and you will never beat them. That you will never win?


You want to keep voting for these same people who are currently in office? To keep voting on these party lines because that’s how you have always voted? Our Arizona Republicans (and let’s not debate this…every single Republican in the House and Senate voted yes for this bill) told us exactly how they feel about equality, about religion, about anyone who does not believe or feel the way they do. They were put in office to represent how their Republican constituents would want them to vote on every issue. Are you a Republican who was not in support of this bill and who put these people in Office? Then your interests, your beliefs, were not properly represented. So three of them changed their minds. Big flipping deal. They voted yes at first, setting this whole thing in motion. Changing their minds because they might lose their jobs is not bravery. It’s the very definition of cowardice.


Arizona is now synonymous with bigotry, hatred and homophobia. She vetoed it because we were going to lose business. That doesn’t mean she didn’t support it. She allowed SB1070 to go through to allow for legal discrimination based on a foreign appearance. If the businesses didn’t speak up so loud this particular time, would she have vetoed it or let us have two bills based on hatred?


Do you still think that you can’t change things or that “nothing can be done.”? That one little person can’t change the way things are run? I know that I educated most of my followers about this bill through this blog and the only reason I heard about it was through an out of state Facebook friend. The media, the newspapers seemed to hide this story until it could no longer be hidden. Do you think that if all of us did not join up together and shout that it must be stopped that it actually would have?


If you think that our younger generation shouldn’t get involved, that it is too upsetting for them, think about this: my 5 year old helped with the lyrics to our “Just Say No” video. I explained the bill to him in words he could understand and it made him angry. My 10 year old and my 12 year old filmed and edited the video. We all watched Gov. Brewer announce her decision tonight to veto the bill and we all jumped up and high-fived each other. Our little family may have helped kill a bill. The people at Schoolhouse Rock would be proud. My kids now know, for the rest of their lives, that they don’t have to stand for things that they think are unfair.


In the end, we can beat the Mohawks. We can make smart voting decisions. We will all be informed about the laws by reading newspapers and watching the tv and the internet. We will teach future generations what is right and what is wrong. We just need someone to tell us we can’t. And then we will fight harder than ever to make sure we never lose again.

*Dedicated to the memory of Harold Ramis, co-writer of “Meatballs”, who died this week at age 69.

It Just Doesn’t Matter scene from Meatballs:


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