Schoolhouse Rock

My little Aidan has seen many, many shows in his 6 years. From Gypsy to Pippin to Annie to Cats, he has seen it all. And at the end of each show, from local to Broadway to National Tours, he tells us time and again how much he hates theatre. Until today.

Yes, today the world he loves collided with the world he hates. He saw a fabulous local production of Schoolhouse Rock. I don’t know if it was the Congressional humor or singing along to the Preamble that did it, but he was happy at the theatre for the very first time.

And it got me thinking how great music is for learning. And how I still sing those songs in my head when someone mentions an adverb or an interjection (Wow!) All of today’s lessons should be set to music. It would make learning about life and the world around us so much easier.

Those Schoolhouse Rock tunes are so catchy, they could still work today. Perhaps:

1. Dysfunction Junction: dysfunction junction, we all gotta function. We all got wacky people in our families that keep us up a late-night munchin…

2. It’s Just a Pill, yeah it’s only a pill, and it’s sitting here in my cabinet. Its a long long way to the morning time and it won’t do no good for that pill to just keep on sitting here with my brand new prescription refill……

3. Interplanet Janet she’s a Galaxy girl.. There’s never been a planet Janet hasn’t seen.. Which is good because she’s smart is what that really means.. And if there’s one thing that we have learned about smart girls is that they always end up the wife…even George Clooney picked a lawyer instead of the bachelor life…

4. Three is a Magic Number.. A man and a woman had a little baby..and there were three in the family..which was fine until everyone else started having 2 babies.. And then they started saying 3 is the magic number for the amount of babies to have..and then we all felt pressure to have 3 in the family..because 3 a magic number.,.

Now … You try! If you could make one up that will explain crazy, super competitive parents in today’s wacky society, that world really help me understand the world around me…perhaps to the tune of “Unpack your Adjectives” but change it to “Unpack your childhood disappointments.”

Learning, after all, should be fun.


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One Response to Schoolhouse Rock

  1. Kelli James says:

    So true!!!! We can learn everything from music….

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