The Surgery

“It’s time” the man said.
“But I’m not ready!” I said.
“Yes you are,” said the man, “and so is he. It’s just neither of you know it yet.”
The man grabbed him from me and headed down the hall into surgery.

I lay down in the hallway, sobbing. He is my everything. I don’t know what I would do without him.

What if I don’t recognize him when it’s over? Worse, what if I don’t like what I see? His new world, his new outlook on life. What if I don’t understand him
anymore? What if I can’t figure out how he operates, what makes him function. What if I simply can’t make him happy? Will he shut down? What if he no longer responds to my touch the way he used to?

We are such a team, he and I. He helps me with my work, he helps tell me what to eat, who to call, where to go when I’m lost.

I paced nervously, staring down the hall at the man’s office.

Maybe I should have taken him to a more professional place. What qualifications does this man have, this doctor? Medical school does not train you for this. It does not tell you what to do when things in the operating room go bad. It can’t help you revive him if he starts to die. I will lose my link to the world, and this man will never be able to replace the lost information. The pictures, the memories, the videos, the games. They will be lost forever. This is agony.

The man returns after what seems like hours. I slowly rise. “Is he ok? Did he make it?” The man nods. “When can I see him?” The man slowly, gently hands him to me. “Don’t expect too much, too soon. It will take a little while for both of you to adjust. But you are both going to be fine.”

And as the man walked down the hall, he paused and then turned to look at me. “Congrats, Allyson. You did it. The entire world was waiting for you two to do this. You were literally the only ones left on this planet to not do it. You were living in ancient times.”

“Thanks Craig.” I said. Thank you for helping convince me to do this. I know I have waited far too long.”

And then Craig, my husband, my doctor, my disapproving, mocking partner, walked slowly over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “You have finally switched your phone to IOS7. Good for you. It only took you a million years. Guess what? In September you will have to switch again to IOS8. Please don’t be such a pussy the next time.”

I fell to the floor in tears.

Nooooooooooo!!!!! Not again!! Please not again!!!!


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