Analyze This

I stopped napping when I was 18 months old. My mom likes to tell me this all the time. It’s a little too late for a formal apology, but perhaps I can explain why: I can’t stop thinking. More specifically, I have an inability to relax, because I am constantly over-thinking the world around me.

I am a “that glass is neither empty or full because neither make any logical sense” kind of gal. I don’t soak up my surroundings as much as I try to figure them out. I just have way too many questions.

This week alone I wondered, if I went on “Jeopardy”, what would be my funny story for Alex Trebeck? I don’t have any idea what I would talk about since all of my witty stories seem inappropriate for t.v.

Why do restaurants think it’s fancy to serve hot coffee in glass cups? Coffee belongs in mugs, end of story.

DID she break the Internet? I don’t think she did. No one cares. Everyone is naked these days. America seems to prefer school shooters when it comes to whom they want see more of in a news cycle.

After living in a hotel for 8 days, I returned home this weekend. As I told the painters, I would rather inhale poisonous fumes than spend one more night in a hotel with 3 kids. I told the kids that it was safe to go home, even with all the dust. Then we took the kids out of the house for a break to see a movie called “Interstellar”, which turned out to be a movie about how dust will eventually kill everyone on earth.

But what it was also about was how the human race’s greed and gluttony is what will lead to our demise. While this was supposed to be an enjoyable day at the movies, I had trouble relaxing. Not because I was at a dine-in movie and ordered salad (FYI: one cannot eat salad in the dark.)

No, it was because I couldn’t stop thinking: about how much money it cost to make this elaborate movie with it’s amazing special effects and to pay the actors salaries (every single role was played by a huge star: even if the part was minor.) How many millions did they spend? (Answer: 165 million dollars) Couldn’t this money be used to cure disease, or feed the poor, or help victims of disaster? If the message is that we need to take care of the Earth by taking care of the environment, shouldn’t we start by not making movies that cost so much and probably create tons of pollution when filming? Do we really need these three hours of entertainment to cost so much money? Couldn’t a simpler movie have been made with the same message?

I know, I’m overthinking. Don’t get me started on what I put my poor 6 year old through when we saw “Big Hero 6” earlier this week (sooo many plot points didn’t make sense to me. The message just didn’t jive with the storyline.) I am really killing their childhoods with all of this.

But at the same time, I am slowly observing all three kids starting to question the world around them. They are starting to challenge those in charge whose beliefs don’t make sense to them. Each of then are choosing to go against the grain when deciding who and what they want to be. It makes me proud.

So, even though I don’t enjoy the things around me the way lots of people do, I think it’s ok for me.
I’m happy to question it all if it will bring change to the world.

Maybe one day I will break the Internet. And I won’t have to balance a glass on my ass to do it.

I can just do it by asking why someone felt the need to do that in the first place.

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