Just About To Turn…

My son Sam is currently starring in a production of a wonderful musical called “13.”  It’s the story of a boy named Evan Goldman who is “just about to turn 13.” The show is about all of the life lessons that he learns about “becoming a man.”  At the end of the show, he admits that there is a lot left to learn.  The last line of the show has Evan standing alone in a spotlight: “My name is Evan Goldman.  I’m 13 years old.  And I’m just getting started.”

Tomorrow I will turn 43.  I am 30 years older than Evan Goldman, and 2 years older than I was when I started this blog.  At the time, I thought I knew all there was to know.  Wow, was I wrong.  Every day I learn something new.

I learned that men should never go to Costco without you, because they will invariably forget something that you forgot to tell them you needed.

I learned that boots are not made for walking.  They are made for very tall women.

I learned that I should probably stop trying to emulate celebrities.  I just can’t pull off that “giant floppy hat and a fur jacket while walking a yorkie holding a latte and a yoga mat” look.

I learned that extraordinary people get sick and have to struggle.  Life is not fair.  There will never be an explanation other than this.

I have learned that the majority of the time, in most people, the truth hurts. The truth can embarrass us.  We live our lives trying to project an image that we want other people to believe.  I don’t want to hurt or embarrass anyone except for my own family.  It is because of this truth that the book version of “Mom On Tour” has transformed from a non-fiction account to a fictionalized telling.  The main character is now Maggie Stevens, a mom of three from Arizona who goes on a Broadway tour with her son.  She is married to a weight loss doctor, and she’s originally from Detroit.  But: the show is “The Munsters” and not “The Addams Family.”  See?  Totally different.  Look for “Mom On The Road” to be coming out very soon.

Finally, I have learned that no one should ever go onto a Broadway ticket broker website at 2 a.m. after taking Ambien.  That dream about paying $1,000 for good seats was, in fact, not a dream.

My name is Allyson Primack.  I’m 43 years old.  And I’m just getting started.


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One Response to Just About To Turn…

  1. Kelli James says:

    Awesome as usual Ally!

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