Mothers Day Gift

“Do you know what you want for Mother’s Day?” asked my husband.

“Yes, I do.” I said.  “They have these new facials for women my age.  I don’t know what they are called.  Something with the word “abrasion” or “derma-something” where they take a little blade and scrape it across your face.  It removes the dead skin cells and it also gets rid of your facial hair.

“So, essentially, you would like a shave?”  he asked.

“I guess I do.”  I said.

To all the mothers out there: may you feel as beautiful and sexy today as you did the day your legs were up in stirrups and you pooped on the table.

mothers-day Mothers-Day-Card-from-someecards

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One Response to Mothers Day Gift

  1. OMG u can REALKY put things in perspective, I laughed out loud

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