Notice of Resignation

May 27, 2015


Dear Sir,

I regret to inform you that as of today, I am tendering my resignation. I have really appreciated the opportunity that you have given me these past fourteen years in my current position.

When I first got hired back in 2001, the job seemed so exciting. It was something brand-new that I had never done before. As I grew up, I saw so many people do it.  They made it seem so easy and fun. I envied their position and dreamed of the day that I, too, would be given the job.

At the beginning, the learning curve was huge.  I was surprised at the amount of sleepless nights, stress, and confusion that I experienced.  I never knew if I was doing it right.  I felt that the work never ended.  I was truly working 24/7.  But I loved the work product.  It was very rewarding to see the amount of growth and change in what I was working so hard to build. There was so much gratification and love in my workplace. I got hugs, kisses, snuggles, and little love notes.  There were several essays and stories written about me.  The theme was always how I was “the best ever.”

As I entered my twelfth year on the job, I started to notice little changes in my work. The thank you’s slowly stopped.  If I heard one, it was often accompanied by sarcasm, as if the person was being forced to say it.  There was anger and frustration everywhere I looked. The work become increasingly demanding. Doors were constantly slammed and there was mess everywhere I looked.  I swear I kept hearing people mumbling “I hate you” and “You’re so stupid.”  I know I was not imagining it.

I began to feel like I was being taken for granted. No one said hello to me unless they wanted something from me. I was blamed when things went wrong, even when I wasn’t there.

As year thirteen rolled around, I was so stressed out that I started drinking. I gained weight from stress eating late at night. I sampled all the illegal drugs that I never tried in college. I tried to run away and create a new identity for myself.  No matter how hard I begged, they would not let me into the witness protection program. I tried to check myself into a mental hospital, but they told me that what I had was not a medical condition.  It was merely a hostile working environment.

My paycheck got smaller. In fact, it was actually costing me money.  I just stood there each day and handed out money to people that didn’t work nearly as hard as I did.  No matter what I did, it was never enough.  They just wanted more and more from me until I had nothing left for myself.

The technology that exists today is making it worse. Everyone around me is so wrapped up in their phones and on their computers. When I began this job, I had the feeling that it was me helping change the world. Now, I feel I am just merely in everyone’s way: blocking the screen.

I thought it would get easier as the years went on.  I thought that I would worry less and sleep more.  Instead, it is getting harder each day.  It is actually becoming more stressful.  I thought I would finally have the answers to all of their questions.  Instead, they come up with new ones that I have never heard before.  Some of them have no answers.

I am just not qualified to do this anymore.  Maybe I’m too old.  Plus, I’m really, really tired.  I need some sleep.

And so, I tearfully resign my job as mother of these teenage children.  I will give a two week notice so you can hire someone to replace me.  I would be glad to help you find someone.  I noticed a lion tamer at the zoo who looked like he was ready for a change of pace.  Maybe a prison warden looking for some more challenging work?

PLEASE NOTE: I will remain a part time employee for my youngest project.  It is only 7 years old and it still seems to want me around for things other than money or a ride somewhere.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.


Mom On The Road
by Allyson Ochs Primack

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3 Responses to Notice of Resignation

  1. Lisa LaBelle says:

    I quit too!!!

    check me out here

    Signature Sotheby’s International Realty 415 S. Old Woodward Birmingham | MI | 48009 t 248.644.7000 | c 248.470.0474 f 248.731.1964


  2. george Boutell says:

    CHIN UP!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Robyne Schultz says:

    Laughing my tired old ass off. I quit, too


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