“Honey, I’m going away with the girls/guys”

Mother vs. Father Weekend Away With Friends





Note to Father:

Hey honey,

So, just to review:
I have a babysitter for you for all three days that I am away.

I have a list of each child’s activities for every hour of each day that I’m away. The list is printed and posted in every room of the house, and is referred to as “Section A” in the binder that is on your desk.

I have pre-packed three days of lunches for school.

I have pre-made dinners for all of you. They are in the freezer with sticky notes identifying whose dinner it is and for which date.

In “Section B” of the binder, I have my flight information. I also have hotel information and my weekend itinerary. I also have the names and cell phone numbers of all of the girls that I am traveling with.

“Section C” of the binder has all of our emergency numbers and contacts, including their pediatrician, dentist and poison control.

I would like to please ask you to look for things thoroughly before you frantically text/call me.

Here are some answers to your questions in advance:

It’s in the drawer.

Same place it always is.

There is a note with all of this information.

I don’t know where you put the note. I’m not home.

And for the kids, please forward these answers:

I can’t help you.
Please ask Daddy.
Well, wake him up.



(blank page)


Be sure to read one of the funiest books of the year!  “Mom On The Road”


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