Shark Tank

Hello Sharks.

My name is Allyson Primack and I am here today looking for investors who are ready to make some serious money.  I am seeking one billion dollars in exchange for 10 % of my company.

Have you ever gotten together with a bunch of 40-year old friends? The laughter is flowing and you are all wearing adorable outfits.  You want to preserve the special moment with a photograph but forgot to bring along a photographer, or an extra friend that no one really likes.  You want the photo to be special.  You want to capture this private moment amongst friends, and then share it on social media with thousands of people that you don’t really know.

No one owns a camera, so you have no choice but to take a picture on your iPhone.  You all want to be in the picture together, and you attempt a selfie.  “Oooh, that’s too close-up!” someone exclaims.

Next, you try to balance your phone on a chair, and set the timer to get a good shot of the whole gang.  Someone suggests that everyone scrunch in so that you are all in the picture.  “I want to stand in the back!” someone shouts.  “Well, I’m not crouching down,” yells another.

The situation seems hopeless.

Enter… “The Over 40 Traveling Photographer for the iPhone!” It’s simple.  When someone in the group finally realizes that you’ll never get a “post-able” photo, you simple press the numbers “40” on your iPhone.  Instantly, your over 40 traveling photographer will appear, no matter where you are.

In a matter of moments, your photographer will set up the perfect “over 40” design concept.  He will stand at an elevated level that is much higher than all of you.  His expert angle will make sure that every single one of you get in the photo, and that no one will have to bend their bodies in any way.  Everyone knows that the key to a successful “post-able” photo post-40 is to stand as straight as possible!!!

Your photographer comes with a full lighting design, which will include our trademark NNS (No Natural Sunlight) Lighting.  His design comes with very, very dim indoor lighting, and we guarantee an image so blurry so that everyone’s skin will appear flawless.  No wrinkles or crow’s feet for this crowd.  No one has aged a bit!

Before he is done, everyone will get a chance to approve the photo.  During the editing process, he can crop the photo to remove arm or neck fat, and for an extra fee, he can blur the photo even more!

Meet our client Momontour.  She needed a headshot for an upcoming article being written about her in one of her all-time favorite newspapers.  The article’s author attempted to take a photograph of her during the interview. Momontour refused, and assured the author she’d have a photo to her by the end of the day.  Momontour rushed home, immediately called a friend to come over and take the photo.  The friend was too short, and the pictures were all wrong.

Enter the “Over 40 Photographer!”  He quickly moved the photo shoot indoors.  He some added some props like a book and a chair.  He carefully placed the books over Momontour’s muffin top, brazenly stood on top of a bed piled high with pillows, and was so far enough away he was almost in the next room.  After moving lamps all around the room, he achieved a lighting design so fabulous she almost looked like she was only 39.  The photos were so blurry and so far away she couldn’t decide which one to use for the article!

The Polaroid Generation is ready to make their instant photos fun and flirty again!  The market is ripe and there are endless amounts of customers who are desperate for that perfect photo!

So, Sharks.. who’s ready to make those over-40 photos “Facebook-approved?”







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