A Political Operation

A Hypothetical Dilemma For You To Decide:

Let’s just say that you are a person who is very, very sick. Your health has been steadily declining for many, many years. It all started when your immune system got attacked, and your doctor told you that you absolutely had to get surgery to fix it. He was adamant that in order to stop any further attacks, you had to operate on this one specific place on your body. He was certain that, hidden behind all of your tissues and muscles and bones, there were many other viruses that could have possibly caused mass destruction of your body. So, relying on his strong assurance that he must be correct, you agree to the operation.

But it turned out that he operated on the wrong place and this surgery actually caused major havoc on a completely different part of your body. By opening up the wounds and shaking things up inside that particular section of your body, he causes you to become violently ill.

After that surgery, your entire body starts to collapse. You lose a lot of money on surgeries meant to repair what was broken. Unsavory people take advantage of your weak state. Nothing helps and eventually, you fire your doctor.

You interview several new doctors and finally find a new doctor. You are inspired by his unique treatment plans and ideas. But after four years with your new physician, not much improves. He tells you that the other doctor did a lot of damage to your body and there’s no way he can fix it all right away. You decide that he’s right and you keep him as your doctor for another four years.

He tries lots of different things to cure you, but your insurance will never pay for it. Each time he attempts a new treatment or suggests a possible cure, he is blocked by your insurance company. He grows weary and so do you. He needs to retire. And so you are out there again, trying to find a newer, better doctor.

Two different doctors approach you and offer you their services. Each of them have completely different surgical ideas as to how to make you better. Neither of them are perfect people. One is a man and one is a woman.

The first candidate isn’t actually a doctor. He owns the building next door. Actually, he owns a lot of other buildings all over the world. He is famous for having his own t.v. show, and for saying really outlandish and offensive things to get people’s attention. He has a team of people working for him, but he’s never actually worked in the medical field. He has never been inside an operating room. When you hear him speak, you aren’t really sure if he knows what he’s talking about. When he does offer you ideas that make sense, you don’t trust that these ideas are actually coming from him. You sense that he doesn’t even really want the job.

The second one has been in the medical field for a very long time. She has been a nurse and a surgical assistant and even an anesthesiologist. She has never actually performed this type of surgery before, which is ok, since there have only been 48 people before her that have ever actually done it. She has been in the operating room. She has observed this surgery many, many times. She’s not a very exciting or animated person, so when she speaks it can be boring.  People have accused her of all kinds of medical malpractice, but she’s never been convicted of any acrime.

There are a few other doctors who try to get your business. There’s another guy that you like, but he’s a homeopathic doctor. And while you are a fan of trying organic and original treatments, you have to admit that you are still more comfortable with traditional medicine.

You know that whoever you choose is going to be coming into this situation at a severe disadvantage. They are taking over a very ill body that has been damaged and broken and infected by dozens of others in the medical industry. A body that has been severely wounded ever since that very first attack on your immune system. A body that has been unable to heal, no matter how many second and third opinions that you have gotten.

But you have to make a choice because you need to have this surgery soon. These two people appear to be your only options.

In this hypothetical dilemma, I know what I would do if I had to choose between these two people.

And in reality, if these end up being our two choices, America: I hope you do too.


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2 Responses to A Political Operation

  1. hoffgirl says:

    Which leads to the blog of today (April, 2017)…People are Stupid. Go.
    (I think I’m in love with you.)

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