What The World Needs Now..

Their little faces emerged from their respective camp buses.  My 13 year old daughter and 8 year old son had been away at camp for 28 days.  They had no phones, no internet, and no electronic devices.  I felt an overwhelming sense of joy as I hugged their dirty little bodies. A month without electronics means a month immersed in nature.  As we walked to the car, they told us stories about hikes in the wilderness, activities on the lake, races and games, and arts and crafts.  As they smiled and laughed, I was overcome with sadness.  The minute they get back their phones, and onto the internet, or to turn on the t.v., they will know what they missed while they were away.

Shootings, riots, and murders.  That’s what they missed.  Racism, prejudice and terrorism.  I so badly wished I could press pause on that moment and keep them frozen in time.  Because the minute we hand them back to the outside world, they will know what we know.  In the land without computers, there is no hate.  There is only love.

And if we could, thats all we would ever want our kids to know.

Our 15 year old son is at Stagedoor Manor, a camp that is filled with song and dance.  A place of acceptance and tolerance.  Today, they have launched a campaign.  A challenge to the world to sing about love.

And to remember what it was like for each of us, the moment before we all stepped off the bus into the real world.

**For each share of this video, Stagedoor Manor will donate $10 to the LBGT Center of Greater Orlando.  Please share this video and help spread the love.





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One Response to What The World Needs Now..

  1. Kelli Chase says:

    Love you Ally!

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