The Amazing Race

Donald Trump and I agree on one thing: this country is a disaster. But the rationale behind our opinions differ greatly.

We are a country that revels in other people’s miserable lives. We watch shows like “Honey Boo Boo” and “Hoarders” and eat up every moment of the pain and tragedy that consume the lives of the people that are featured on these shows. We are not content with reality t.v. that portrays “real life.” Instead, we want to sit back and observe and laugh at those who are in awful “realities.”

We cheer for the “Dance Moms” and “Toddlers and Tiaras” where children are humiliated for higher ratings. We watch “The Bachelor” not to see who lives happily ever after. We really watch to see who has an embarrassing skeleton in their closet. We watch to see which contestant fights with others the most, or which contestant makes a drunken fool of themselves on national t.v.

We love tabloid drama. We love the Real Housewives, Duck Dynasty, the Duggars and the Kardashians. But we are not content to watch them be content. We want the bad stuff. We crave the scandals.

I am in no way implying that I am not part of this culture. In fact, I am absolutely, 100 percent guilty of contributing to it.

However, when people ask me how outraged I am at the latest Trump allegations, I have found myself saying no. What I’m more upset about is the outrage about the outrage.

The things Trump said and allegedly did are revolting. But let’s be honest: it can’t be surprising to anyone.

The most upsetting thing he said (to me, at least) was that he could shoot people on the street and he’d still get elected. Anything new or upsetting that may come out at this point doesn’t make me dislike him any more. I arrived at my own opinion a long time ago. Anyone who says that this Billy Bush tape suddenly has changed their minds about him has been in denial for a long time.

This election has never been about the issues. Instead, it has been about digging up the most horrible, disgusting things about the candidates and their families. It is an amazing race of who can find out the most dirt at the fastest pace humanly possible. It’s entertainment.

But that’s exactly what it should be here in the U.S.A. That’s what we, as a society, demand. It’s good t.v. It’s 24/7, around the clock, shock and awe. There’s a new scandalous revelation, comment, or theory every hour.

The Clinton email scandal was interesting and political. But it wasn’t sexy. Trump’s failed Trump University was controversial. But no one said pussy during the coverage of that particular issue.

None of us are watching the debates to hear about the candidate’s stances on the energy crisis. No one is glued to their couches to hear them discuss their views on global economics.

We want to watch them both look like idiots. We want to hear Donald shout out and interrupt Hilary. We want to watch Hilary roll her eyes at the camera. We want to watch rude, crude, offensive behavior. We want to watch a disaster in real-time.

So please, America: just stop. Stop feeding into the drama-on either side. No one is changing their minds now. No one is really undecided. We are all just feeding into the machines that re-affirm the support or hatred for one candidate or another.

You want to do something really shocking? Turn off your t.v.s when the angry rhetoric comes on. Try not to share the endless parade of idiotic news cycles. Stop cheering and clapping for the absolute degradation of a human being who for some reason really wants the thankless job of leading this nation.

And please- don’t pretend that you are watching the coverage or the debates to get more information on these two candidates to decide who to vote for. If you are really undecided, go read up on their political positions. Find out what their specific plans are on all of the important issues. Stop discussing groping and cheating and start discussing which of these candidates wants to help our soldiers or which one wants to help improve the state of education in this country.

One of these two contestants will get the final rose, and one of these two will get voted out by the tribal council.

If you really want to have your 15 minutes of t.v. fame- you have your chance.
On Election Day, get up and vote. Then go home and watch the returns. That’s reality t.v.

Because one of these people, regardless of how you feel, will be our next American Idol.




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