Addams Family Tour Schedule

dsc_6999-2-7x51.jpg  My son Sam Primack will be touring the country as Pugsley Addams… check out the link to see all the super exciting places we go (I’m only being partially sarcastic.  Some are actually cool.  I’m just worried about Scranton, PA in February and Fargo, ND in general)  Follow me as I schlep around the country with him while trying not to freak out about the fact that I will not be able to constantly monitor the daily activities of my other two kids and hubby.

One Response to Addams Family Tour Schedule

  1. A says:


    I’m a big fan from the Addams Family (musical/tv/movies etc) and I espescially love the musical! I haven’t seen the tour version life because I’m from the Netherlands but just found out your blog and after all the backstage video’s and photo’s I watched on Instagram/Youtube/etcetc I really enjoy reading your blog! Looks like you had an amazing time but also very hard work! Thanks for sharing it with the world and Sam is very talented!!


    Someone from the Netherlands 😀

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